3 Reasons Your Body Needs Supplements

3 Reasons Your Body Needs Supplements

A popular myth is that supplements just create expensive urine. That they are snake oil and of no real benefit to you. That you can get all of the vitamins and minerals you need from your whole food diet. If you believe these myths, your health will suffer. A diet comprised of whole foods and very little, if any processed foods is an excellent choice for a healthy lifestyle. However, it will be lacking in vitamins and minerals. These micro-nutrients are required by your body to perform at its best and stay healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables get these micro-nutrients from the soil. Science has shown that decades of mass commercial farming has dramatically dropped the micro-nutrient content of our soil. If the nutrient content of the soil is low, then the nutrient content of our fresh foods will also be low. These aren't the same foods our grandparents used to eat! Simply put, for optimum nutrition we must supplement. Our body relies on these micro-nutrients throughout our day. If they aren't present, our health and energy suffers. Imagine running a high performance car on low grade fuel. It will be sluggish and perform poorly. When you run it on premium fuel, it roars to life and performs incredibly well. You can feel this same effect when you use top quality supplements with your diet.

Here are three reasons you need to supplement:

1) Immunity Our immune system relies on vitamins and minerals to perform at its best. When we are deficient, illness has a much easier time of taking over. Studies have shown a reduction in illness in those that supplement vs. those that do not. Preventative medicine is the best medicine. 2) Energy Natural energy is made by the cells of our body. It's the feel good energy we wake up with after a great night's sleep. It is not a stimulant energy like coffee provides. Our body requires vitamins and minerals for natural energy production. If we are deficient in vitamins and minerals, our body won't be able to produce as much energy. Caffeine addicts have been known to kick their habit after using B-vitamin and mineral supplements. 3) Anti-Aging We all want to look and feel our best for as long as possible. Proper nutrition and supplementation will maximize our cells longevity. Antioxidants are a buzzword but they are very important in protecting our cells. Look for high quality antioxidant supplements that use a variety of sources. Think of it as daily insurance against Father Time.

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