Oxyfresh Unveils Eye-Catching Floor Shipper at Global Pet Expo

Oxyfresh Unveils Eye-Catching Floor Shipper at Global Pet Expo

New Oxyfresh Floor Shipper is hogging all the attention at Global Pet Expo. See what the buzz is all about.

Oxyfresh Unveils Eye-Catching Floor Shipper at Global Pet Expo

Global Pet Expo attendees are invited to visit Oxyfresh booth #1658 to check out their new Floor Shipper, featuring everyone’s favorite pet dental care products.

ORLANDO, FL – March 20, 2024 – Oxyfresh, the award-winning brand known for providing damn good pet care, invites attendees of Global Pet Expo, the premier event for the newest, most innovative pet products on the market, to visit them at booth #1658 to check out their eye-catching new Floor Shipper. This dynamic display is fully loaded with Oxyfresh’s most popular pet dental care products, carefully crafted to help pets live their best lives and smile their best smiles.

More and more pet parents are interested in adopting pet home dental routines from a trusted brand like Oxyfresh. That’s why this Floor Shipper is a must-have: it gives them all the options in one convenient display. It features 9 boxes of Oxyfresh Pet Dental Water Additive, the #1 water additive on the market; 12 boxes of Oxyfresh’s innovative Pet Toothpaste Kit, complete with a soft silicone finger brush; and 12 Try Me Size Pet Dental Kits, perfect for pet parents who love a deal or want to test the waters of a dental routine.

"We’re proud of the tremendous value this product brings to our pet partners," said Melissa Gulbranson, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for Oxyfresh. "Our Floor Shipper is a fantastic way to capture customers’ attention, promote the importance of pet dental care, and give pet parents options, whether they want to brush their pets’ teeth, enjoy the convenience of a hands-off product, or get the best of both worlds with an all-in-one pet dental kit."

The engaging display measures 46.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide with a depth of 10 inches. It’s the perfect size for any pet retail space. The retail value of the Oxyfresh Floor Shipper is $509.35 ... Global Pet Expo attendees can purchase it for only $254.18.

What makes Oxyfresh pet dental care products stand out? They’re the only products on the market with proprietary Oxygene®, a safe, non-toxic oxidizer that neutralizes the bacteria that cause pet plaque and bad breath right at the source, fast. No covering up bad pet breath with mint, fake poultry, green tea or other odd flavors. Because each product is flavor-free with no alcohol or harsh ingredients, pets love Oxyfresh just as much as their humans, which makes for easy, no-fuss home dental routines.

A Closer Look at What’s Included in the Oxyfresh Floor Shipper

9 Premium Pet Dental Water Additives (16 oz.)

  • Freshens even the toughest pet bad breath
  • Convenient, no-brush solution: just add to water bowl
  • Fights plaque buildup & bad breath with Oxygene® & zinc
  • Picky-pet approved with no fussy flavors like mint & green tea

12 Pet Toothpaste Kits (4 oz. toothpaste + silicone finger brush)

  • Oxygene® cleans teeth & freshens pet breath all day
  • Flavor-free formula so even the pickiest pets will love it
  • Reusable soft silicone finger brush delivers an easy brush experience

12 Try Me Size Pet Dental Kits (1 oz. Pet Toothpaste + 3 oz. Water Additive + 3 Finger Brushes)

  • Ultimate daily routine for fresh pet breath & clean teeth
  • All the plaque-fighting products in one convenient kit
  • Perfect for pet parents who want to test the waters & see what works best for them

Global Pet Expo attendees can come see this exciting new Floor Shipper up close and personal at Oxyfresh booth #1658.

Interested in carrying Oxyfresh?

Contact SusanG@oxyfresh.com or call 800.333.7374 for distribution and direct sales opportunities.

Oxyfresh has a full line of innovative pet care products helping pets live their best lives: pet dental, grooming and wellness, and odor-eliminating & cleaning products.

Oxyfresh is distributed throughout the USA and in 26 countries worldwide.

About Oxyfresh:
Oxyfresh, providing damn good pet care, is an award-winning, environmentally friendly company helping pets live their best lives. Product categories include innovative pet dental, grooming & wellness, and odor-eliminating & cleaning products. Founded in 1984 with the idea to do pet care differently – better – only Oxyfresh products are formulated with proprietary Oxygene®. Designed for no-nonsense pet parents who demand the best, Oxyfresh offers safe, simple and trusted solutions to everyday pet problems, from bad breath to itchy ears and epic messes! An Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company, Oxyfresh is creating generations of happy pet parents and partners. To learn more, visit Oxyfresh.com.

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Oxyfresh Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
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