Oxyfresh Unleashes Two New Dog Dental Toys at Global Pet Expo

Oxyfresh Unleashes Two New Dog Dental Toys at Global Pet Expo

Global Pet Expo attendees are treated to a first look at Oxyfresh’s NEW Dog Dental Toys, designed to make pet teeth cleaning fun.
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Oxyfresh Unleashes Two New Dog Dental Toys at Global Pet Expo

Oxyfresh invites Global Pet Expo attendees to visit booth #1658 for a first look at their new dog dental chew toys.

ORLANDO, FL – March 20, 2024 – Oxyfresh, the award-winning brand known for providing damn good pet care, invites attendees of Global Pet Expo, the premier event for the newest, most innovative pet products on the market, to visit them at booth #1658 for an exciting first look at their NEW Dog Dental Toys, designed to make pet teeth cleaning fun.

Oxyfresh Dog Dental Toys are made of 100% natural, odor-free rubber and feature lots of fun ridges and grooves to gently clean pets’ teeth and massage their gums every time they chew. These toys are a fantastic addition to Oxyfresh’s exclusive pet dental care line, the trusted choice for generations of dog parents who want the very best for their pets’ smiles.

Melissa Gulbranson, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for Oxyfresh, shared, "Unlike plastic or acrylic toys that are too hard and can fracture pets’ teeth, our Dog Dental Toys are gentle yet durable for aggressive chewers, with natural rubber and rounded ridges to stimulate the gums and scrape away plaque from pets’ teeth. Plus, they’re perfect for enrichment, fetch and chasing away boredom. My own fur kid gives them two enthusiastic paws up."

With 90% of pet parents finding it difficult or time-consuming to brush their dogs’ teeth daily, having additional options is a must in today’s world. When parents apply Oxyfresh Premium Pet Toothpaste to the ridges (bristles) of the chew toys, it’s like dogs are brushing their own teeth! Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste is flavor free to outsmart the pickiest pets and formulated with proprietary Oxygene®, a safe, non-toxic oxidizer that neutralizes plaque- and bad breath-causing bacteria right at the source.

Perfect for power chewers, Oxyfresh Dog Dental Toys resist tearing and are available in two sizes and styles, so every dog can get in on the teeth-cleaning action. To up a dog’s dental game even more, the toys have a hollow center to stuff treats inside. With regular use, Oxyfresh Dog Dental Toys can have a major impact on pets’ smiles, and because they’re having fun, dogs will be blissfully unaware that they’re chewing their way to better oral health.

Oxyfresh Dog Dental Toys: Teeth Cleaning Made Fun

  • Gently scrapes away plaque with every chew
  • Packed with rubber bristles to massage dogs’ gums
  • Fun & interactive, complete with a hollow center to hide treats
  • Apply pet toothpaste to the ridges & it’s like pets are brushing their own teeth
  • Dishwasher-safe, BPA-free & made with 100% natural rubber – great for aggressive chewers

Global Pet Expo attendees, stop by Oxyfresh booth #1658 to get a first look before these toys officially hit the market.

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Oxyfresh has a full line of innovative pet care products helping pets live their best lives: pet dental, grooming and wellness, and odor-eliminating & cleaning products.

Oxyfresh is distributed throughout the USA and in 26 countries worldwide.

About Oxyfresh:
Oxyfresh, providing damn good pet care, is an award-winning, environmentally friendly company helping pets live their best lives. Product categories include innovative pet dental, grooming & wellness, and odor-eliminating & cleaning products. Founded in 1984 with the idea to do pet care differently – better – only Oxyfresh products are formulated with proprietary Oxygene®. Designed for no-nonsense pet parents who demand the best, Oxyfresh offers safe, simple and trusted solutions to everyday pet problems, from bad breath to itchy ears and epic messes! An Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company, Oxyfresh is creating generations of happy pet parents and partners. To learn more, visit Oxyfresh.com.

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Melissa Gulbranson
Oxyfresh Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
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