Oxyfresh Awarded Editor's Pick by Modern Cat for Transforming Pet Dental Care

Oxyfresh Awarded Editor's Pick by Modern Cat for Transforming Pet Dental Care

Oxyfresh's Pet Dental Kit: Turning epic tussles into purrs of approval.
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In a world where pet dental care often resembles an epic tussle better suited for a WWE arena, our Pet Dental Kit emerges as the game-changer, earning the coveted title of EDITOR'S PICK in Modern Cat's "Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Cat’s Teeth Clean." This accolade isn't just a pat on the back; it's a standing ovation for making pet dental care a walk in the park (or a purr in the living room).

Revolutionizing Pet Dental Care:

Our Pet Dental Kit, featuring Pet Dental Water Additive, Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste, and three gentle finger toothbrushes, is like the secret sauce to a drama-free dental routine. We've crafted it for those who want to keep their pet's teeth sparkling without turning their home into a battleground.

Why We're a Breath of Fresh Air:

  • Ditch the Drama: With us, the only thing you'll be wrestling with is the urge to brag about how easy your pet's dental care has become.
  • Freshness on Tap: We offer the ultimate solution for foul-mouthed pets, ensuring cuddle-me-close breath that's fresh, fast, and lasts.
  • Tough on Tartar, Gentle on Gums: We tackle tartar and plaque with ease, offering TLC for tender gums and leaving your pet with breath so purrfectly fresh, cuddles come with no second thoughts.
  • Picky Pet? No Problem: With no flavors or junk, even the most discerning pets won’t turn their noses up at us. Our products are tasteless – unlike your pet's humor, which we're sure is delightful.

A Nod from Modern Cat – More Than Just an Honor:

Being spotlighted by Modern Cat as the EDITOR'S PICK is no small feat. It's recognition that we're not just another pet product on the market; we're a leader in innovation, quality, and ease of use in the pet dental care arena.

From the Makers of Oxyfresh:

"We set out to banish bad breath and make pet dental care as enjoyable as a sunny day at the park – minus any unexpected surprises on the grass," our team shares. "This feature by Modern Cat isn't just an honor; it's a confirmation that fresh breath and healthy teeth for pets can be achieved without the fuss."

Let's face it, in the quest for fresh breath and healthy teeth for our furry friends, we are leading the pack. It's more than just a dental care product; it's a movement towards happier, healthier pets.

About Us:

We're dedicated to crafting pet care solutions that are as enjoyable for pets as they are for their humans. Our mission is to enhance the well-being of pets with products that are effective, easy to use, and free from the drama.

Premium Pet Dental Kit - Freshens Dog & Cat Bad Breath - Cleans Teeth


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