Best Eco-Friendly Body Wash

Best Eco-Friendly Body Wash

Tired of traditional soaps and body washes that itch, dry out your skin, or leave behind a filmy, greasy coating on your body? Not to mention the nagging thought of “What exactly am I sending down the drain?” For the pampering showering experience you deserve without the worries of harming the environment, take a look at Oxyfresh’s Unscented Face & Body Wash, the best eco-friendly body wash that will leave you flawlessly clean and perfectly moisturized every time you step out of the shower. Here are four reasons you’ll absolutely love it.

#1. It’s Gentle Enough for Your Face

Why buy separate cleansers for your face and your body when our Unscented Face & Body Wash can do it all? Less clutter in the shower is sure to get those calming vibes going … and you’ll love saving some green too! Our light cupcake-scented face and body wash is uniquely formulated with hydrating, skin-brightening vitamins C, E, D & A to reduce the signs of aging and stimulate collagen growth. It delivers a refreshingly clean feeling from head to toe, and bonus, no greasy residue left behind … on you OR your shower!

#2. Thumbs Up from Mother Nature

Crafted responsibly, you’ll find no artificial exfoliating microbeads (aka plastic substance), BHA/ BHT, MEA/TEA, triclosan, or siloxanes in our earth-friendly face and body wash – all ingredients that are bad for the environment and oftentimes our own bodies. Oh, and go ahead and recycle that bottle when you’re done. It may be awhile though … a little of this eco-friendly body wash goes a long way. One pump is all you need for a long-lasting, luxurious lather!

#3. Perfect for All Skin Types

Ever been excited to try a new skin care product only to have your face break out or get super dry and flaky? No worries with our gentle, pH balanced face and body wash. Infused with soothing and nourishing Aloe vera, it’s perfect for all skin types and won’t dry out your face like traditional soaps.

#4. No Harsh Overpowering Fragrances

We believe that clean should smell a little more, well, clean. That’s why you’ll find no harsh, overpowering, in-your-face fragrances in our Unscented Face & Body Wash. Combine that with our exclusive body odor-neutralizing ingredient Oxygene®, and you have a purely clean you can trust. To check out Oxyfresh's complete line of environmentally friendly home care, dental, nutritional and pet grooming products, head on over to P.S. Your pet deserves a better bath-time experience too! So give in to those puppy dog eyes and get your paws on Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo. Hypoallergenic and perfect for pets with allergies, our advanced conditioning formula soothes skin, delivers a shinier coat, and completely neutralizes pesky odors … yes, even skunk smell! Your pet is sure to love it.

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