Let the Mingling Season Begin

Fresh breath plays a major role in people’s happiness factors. So let’s kick those smiles up a notch (or 10).

November marks the beginning of a season filled with get-togethers. Which, for most of us, is a great thing to look forward to--unless you happen to be plagued by halitosis. As dentists and hygienists, this is your time to help clients feel confident in their breath.

It’s also a time to promote ways that patients can take better control over their oral health – which is more vital than ever, with oral disease affecting nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide, according to the latest Global Burden of Disease Study.

So what can you recommend beyond the norm of things like brushing for 2 full minutes and flossing daily? What do patients REALLY want to know?

Patients Are Looking for True Fresh Breath Solutions

Did you know that people who suffer from bad breath are TWICE as unhappy as those who don’t have halitosis? These are the findings of a study that looked at the relationship between halitosis and quality of life.

Ironically, many store brand products actually work AGAINST people’s breath, especially when the products contain alcohol, which dries out the mouth, leading to more sulfur compounds.

Products filled with detergents or those that are acidic will also encourage the growth of harmful bacteria, creating a vicious cycle of bad breath and other oral health problems, from caries risk to gingivitis.

Oxyfresh dental products are unique in how they maximize plaque protection and neutralize volatile sulfur compounds released by gram negative anaerobic bacteria ... without drying out the mouth. And compared to the typical store brands, well, there really IS no comparison.

Oxyfresh vs. "The Burn-istine"

Did you know that Listerine got its start as a surgical disinfectant and has also been used as a floor cleaner and hair tonic? Yep, it’s strong alright ... aka, the famous BURN!

The burn of alcohol (26.9% in original formula Listerine) goes beyond discomfort: it can cause big problems for patients with dry mouth, stubborn halitosis and mouth sores. Plus, with alcohol mouthwashes being acidic, they should be avoided in patients at risk for developing caries.

Oxyfresh pH-balanced mouthwash is famous for delivering "fresh breath without the burn." Formulated with the non-toxic, proprietary breath-freshener Oxygene® (stabilized chlorine dioxide), it works in just 60 seconds to oxidize volatile sulfur compounds and keep breath fresh all day. No drying effect like you’ll get from alcohol and no bitterness, staining or concerns about long-term use like you’ll get from chlorhexidine rinses. (Read more about the secret of Oxygene® in creating loyal customers for life.)

Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Products Are Clinically Proven to Work

In a published 12-month, double-blind clinical study of 50 periodontitis patients, Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash & Lemon Mint Toothpaste went up against a leading store-brand mouthwash and toothpaste. Patients were randomly split into 2 groups post-SRP and used their assigned dental products at home with a strict protocol for 12 months. And these were the exciting results:


Group A: Oxyfresh

  • 76% improvement Gingival Index
  • 79% plaque reduction
  • 44% less harmful bacteria

Group B: Store Brand

  • 70% improvement Gingival Index
  • 71% plaque reduction
  • 34% less harmful bacteria


As you can see, for patients with halitosis and periodontal disease, Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Mouthwash & Toothpaste are game-changers for at-home results. Not only that, but they taste AMAZING with natural essential oils, a trend that many patients are excited about or wanting to try. And better taste leads to better compliance.

Patients Count on Your Advice

It’s no secret that developing relationships is paramount, not just in keeping patients happy and loyal but in their long-term results and at-home compliance.

Studies show that patients appreciate a focus on preventive options, education, and support and reassurance during their dental visits. And part of that is discussing the best oral care products to use at home.

By recommending Oxyfresh dental products, you’re leading patients to better plaque control, better long-term gum results, and best of all, unrivaled FRESH BREATH.