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Winner Home Remedy For Bad Breath

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Everyone, at some point in time, has experienced the embarrassing effects of bad breath. While most people experience having this for only a short while and remedy the situation by brushing their teeth, there are still some who continue on to have bad breath even if they have a relatively healthy oral cleaning regimen.

For these individuals, the physical and psychological problems of having bad breath can affect the person deeply. It is, however, worth taking a look at more then one home remedy for bad breath before throwing in the towel. In addition to this, these highly effective and winning remedies are simple enough to do every day.

Winning Home Remedy For Bad Breath

There are many products that claim to permanently eliminate the causes of bad breath. However, not all of these products are as effective as it claims to be. In addition to this, it can cause more lasting teeth and gum damages due to its harsh ingredients. Using a home remedy for bad breath can be done with the use of items found at home and need not take too much time and a big budget.

  • Create a personalized mouthwash. Most mouthwashes found in the pharmacies are alcohol based and can cause more damage to the gums. The easy home remedy for bad breath is to mixing crushed parsley and fresh lemon juice with a glass of water and to use as an effective and natural mouthwash to keep the mouth clean and fresh all day.
  • Drinking Green Tea. Drinking green tea has been proven to boost the immune system due to its antioxidant qualities. For this reason, drinking green tea will lessen the presence of bacteria found on the teeth, gums and mouth lining, thus significantly reducing bad breath.
  • The Importance of Flossing. After brushing the teeth, a few food particles and residue remains stuck in between the teeth. Due to this, it is essential to floss daily to remove any remaining food particles in the mouth which can cause gum infections such as gingivitis, if not properly removed. This is a very simple home remedy for bad breath.
  • Eat Healthy. For the time being, avoid eating food that is fatty and essentially bad for the health. Certain foods are known to cause bad breath. Drink lots of fluids during the day in order to remove most of the food particles and residues in the mouth, tongue and throat as well as to keep the mouth and throat moist.