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The Real Causes Of Bad Breath In Adults

Adults have naturally busy lifestyles. From working all day at the office to taking care of the children at home, they tend to have little time left to themselves. For this reason, some of their basic routines such as oral care take a back seat. This and other causes of bad breath in adults can be remedies without medical intervention.

The Diet is One of the Many Causes of Bad Breath in Adults

There is a saying, “you are what you eat“. This is entirely true when it pertains to oral care. Certain foods such as garlic, onions and some cheeses have naturally foul smells. When adults ingest foul smelling foods, the odors of these foods will stick to the teeth, gums, tongue and mouth lining. This increases the causes of bad breath in adults.

Aside from solid foods, some beverages also tend to cause the mouth to smell bad. People at work have the tendency to drink lots of coffee. This particular beverage not only stains the teeth, it makes the breath of a person smell particularly foul. Drink lots of water to cleanse the mouth and assist the saliva in naturally fighting bacteria.

Smoking Produces Foul Breath

Most people smoke to relieve stress. Cigarettes contain various harmful chemicals that stain the teeth as well as causes the smoker to gain smoker’s breath”. Quit the nasty habit and find more healthy alternatives to relieve the stressful environment at work and at home. Thus riding yourself of one of the causes of bad breath in adults.

Poor Hygiene is Easily Remedied With Time and Effort

Adults with hectic lifestyles have a difficult time in successfully juggling all their tasks and responsibilities. For this reason, they tend to neglect some of the basic oral hygiene regimens such as BRUSHING and FLOSSING. When this happens, these adults gain various gum problems such as gingivitis, which another of many causes of bad breath in adults. Taking good care of the teeth and gums does not take too much time and effort. Simply brush the teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once in the evening for optimum gum and teeth protection.

One of the Causes of Bad Breath in Adults is Stress

When a person is stressed, this causes the mouth to dry up. Once the mouth dries up, it becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Bacteria that grows in the mouth excretes a sulphur-like foul smell that results in bad breath. When a person is experiencing a high level of stress, it is important to take a breather and find healthy ways to relax. Eliminating stress is eliminating one of the causes of bad breath in adults.