The Tooth Fairy Knows: Fighting Decay is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

The Tooth Fairy Knows: Fighting Decay Is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

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Dental caries is arguably the most widespread disease, with the ADA reporting 91% of Americans having had decay in their lifetime. Twenty seven percent of adults over the age of 20 have untreated decay, tempting the Tooth Fairy to make an untimely visit.

The legend of the Tooth Fairy is believed to have begun in the 10th century in Europe where the tradition of the “tand-fe” (tooth fee), is deep rooted in tradition. Parents would pay children a small fee when the child lost their first tooth. The Norse people of Northern Europe believed it to bring good luck. It was documented that warriors of the time donned necklaces made of multiple teeth to protect them and keep them safe during battle. Over the generations, the legend of the Tooth Fairy has evolved to the traditions we experience today.

Despite all the advancements in oral care, dental decay remains the most prevalent preventable chronic disease in children and adults. Oral care routines are not a one-size-fits-all solution; there are many variables that affect professional recommendations.

Choosing a line of dental products that offers effective yet gentle ingredients to help ensure the best oral health possible, without the drying effects of alcohol, is imperative. Oxygene®, the proprietary ingredient in Oxyfresh, is shown to neutralize odor-causing bacteria, providing therapeutic benefits while eliminating oral malodor.

With so many products on the market, it can feel overwhelming to distinguish the best solution to address particular concerns. There are ingredients that are similar among many types of oral care products, however, considering fluoride or fluoride-free is a very personal choice for many individuals.

The key for a fluoride-free product line is that it provides antibacterial and anticarcinogenic properties through the use of essential oils, zinc, xylitol and so much more. Using a complete system, for example the Ultimate Fresh Breath System, provides a fluoride-free paste and rinse that is effective without the use of harsh alcohol.

Needing more protection? The Cavity Fighting System brings together a medley of Oxygene®, zinc, fluoride and natural mint to protect smiles and keep the Tooth Fairy focused on teeth lost by children, not adults.

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