Oxyfresh - Diabetes and Bad Breath

The Link Between Diabetes & Bad Breath

People with bad breath are essentially ashamed of their condition. They avoid talking to others for fear that they may be ridiculed or laughed at. This can cause some serious self esteem issues to these people in the long run.

In most cases, bad breath is caused by environmental and lifestyle factors. The way they accomplish their oral hygiene regimens, the food that they eat and the beverages that they drink often times can be the root causes of their foul smelling breath. There are a few cases, however, that the persistence of the halitosis condition of a person is due to a more serious underlying medical condition. In some cases diabetes = bad breath. Diabetes is considered to be one of the many medical conditions that could have bad breath as one of its symptoms.

The Correlation of Diabetes & Bad Breath

Diabetes is a medical condition that causes the body to have high blood sugar caused by the body’s inability to either produce ample amount of insulin or inability to respond to the produced insulin by the body. This uncontrollable and fluctuating blood sugar levels makes a person with this condition more prone to gum diseases that causes bad breath. Thus diabetes and bad breath usually go hand in hand.

A person with diabetes has the inability to use sugar as a fuel source and instead, fat is utilized by the body instead. Due to this, the breakdown of fats causes the occurrence of ketones. These ketones are acidic and removed by the body through its waste and through the breath. When this happens, diabetes-bad breath occurs.

Steps To Avoid Bad Breath In Diabetes

There are several steps in eliminating diabetes bad breath. The most important step is to try to control blood sugar levels. In addition to this, oral hygiene regimens have to be strictly followed. Brush the teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. Drinking lots of water every single day will flush out toxins from the body and enhance the mouths saliva production, making it a less conducive environment for bacteria to grow. It is also advised to avoid using mouthwashes that contain alcohol as to this will only dry the insides of the mouth causing bad breath.

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