Do It Yourself Bad Breath Test

Do It Yourself Bad Breath Test

Having bad breath is an embarrassing condition to have. Not only does it smell bad, it can make other people assume that people with bad breath have bad oral hygiene habits. Although this could be one of the reasons for having foul smelling breath, there are other reasons as to why it occurs.

People may shy away from others who have bad breath, but has anyone ever wondered if they had bad breath themselves? How is it possible for a person to determine on their own, whether they have good or bad smelling breath? Most people do not realize whether they have bad breath or not. That is why there is the bad breath test. It can make the person avoid the embarrassment of other people informing them of their foul smelling mouth.

Simple and Easy Bad Breath Test

There are various ways in which to determine whether a person has bad breath or not. Furthermore, the bad breath test is simple and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

  1. Dental Floss Bad Breath Test. Use a strand of dental floss and insert it in between the teeth. Once it is removed, smell the dental floss. The scent that is smelled is most likely what other people get a whiff of.
  2. Food Test. When a person has an altered sense of taste when eating certain foods, this may be a sign of having bad breath.
  3. Lick Test. This test is very simple. Lick the back of the hand and let it dry for a few seconds. Once it is fairly dry, smell the licked part of the hand. If there is a certain unpleasant smell, this may be an indication of having bad breath. A very simple bad breath test.
  4. The Watch and Observe Test. This test can only be done by people who are not really bothered by being offended. When talking to people, closely watch and observe how they react once you begin to talk. If they constantly make slight cringes, that could be an indication for bad breath.
  5. Mirror Bad Breath Test. Go in front of a mirror and stick out the tongue as far as possible. If the tongue has a white film, it is an indication for bad breath.

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