Best Toothpaste for Allergy Bad Breath

Best Toothpaste for Allergy Bad Breath

Best Toothpaste for Allergy Bad Breath

Sniffle. Sneeze. Repeat. If you’re among the 19 million people who suffer from hay fever, then you know how miserable this time of year can be. As if dealing with watery eyes and an itchy nose weren’t enough, many of us have to contend with another unpleasant side effect: bad breath caused by allergies.

Fortunately, there are simple steps we can take to fight allergy bad breath, including (spoiler alert!) brushing with the best toothpaste for bad breath. So give one last sniffle and then read on …

Why Do Allergies Cause Bad Breath?

Postnasal Drip: According to an online survey, more than 50% of people with seasonal allergies have post-nasal drip. This occurs when excess mucus builds up in the nose and trickles down the back of the throat. These secretions are a favorite food source for odor-causing bacteria. Many people describe postnasal drip bad breath as smelling like fungus or mold. What makes postnasal drip a challenge for our breath is it can last for weeks or even months. Due to hormone changes, many women get postnasal drip throughout their pregnancies.

Allergy Medications: We all want relief from allergy symptoms, but oftentimes this comes at the price of our breath. Many allergy medications, both OTC and by prescription, cause dry mouth. Bacteria thrive in a dry environment because they can multiply quickly. Saliva is our body’s natural defense against bad breath, and without enough of it, our breath will start to smell. Even more concerning, some allergy medications can actually thicken our mucus when they dry it out, leading to a vicious cycle of postnasal drip bad breath.

How to Deal with Allergy Postnasal Drip

There are many ways to cope with postnasal drip once it rears its ugly head. You know, when you get that scratchy feeling in your throat, an annoying cough, or the urge to constantly clear your throat. Keep in mind, if your postnasal drip is caused by a bacterial rhinosinusitis infection, you’ll likely need an antibiotic and should make an appointment with your doctor.

Be Proactive with Your Allergies

By paying attention to pollen counts, you can save yourself from the misery of postnasal drip and allergy bad breath in the first place. Here are a few best practices when it comes to protecting yourself from pollen and other allergens.

  • Avoid outdoor activity in the early morning when pollen counts are highest
  • Don’t sleep with the windows open when pollen counts are high
  • Don’t hang your laundry out to dry
  • Stay indoors on dry, windy days if you can
  • Always change your clothes right away after you’ve been outdoors
  • Shower daily if you have seasonal allergies – doing so at night is a great option so you don’t transfer pollen/allergens to your pillow Update your kiddo’s chore list (or hire someone) to pull weeds and mow the lawn

Now About That Allergy Bad Breath …

One of the best tricks you can employ to deal with bad breath caused by allergies is to increase your water intake. That means both during meals and in between meals. Remember – dry mouth is a major cause of bad breath. If you begin drinking more water and you’re still dealing with dry mouth and halitosis, talk to your doctor about making a medication switch that’s better for your breath.

You’ll also want to avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes (which most store brands are) because, ironically, your breath will get worse. Alcohol is a drying agent, so after the initial burning blast of freshness, your mouth will be in a dryer state than before you swished. A simple solution is to switch to an alcohol-free rinse, like Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash. In addition to being alcohol-free, this patented formula contains hydrating aloe and a refreshing blend of natural essential oils.

Best Toothpaste for Bad Breath

Whether it’s from seasonal allergies, onions or coffee, you can give bad breath the brush-off with Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Toothpaste. It’s the perfect pairing with our alcohol-free mouthwash and clinically proven for better breath protection.

Unlike toothpastes that only MASK bad breath through artificial mint flavors and alcohol, only Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Toothpaste is formulated with Oxygene®, our exclusive, non-toxic ingredient that neutralizes bad breath-causing bacteria right at the source. No cover-ups! The result is true fresh breath that lasts all day.

You’ll Love It

  • Dye free to protect your pearly whites
  • Low abrasion so it’s gentle on enamel
  • With xylitol, a natural sweetener shown to inhibit plaque
  • 2x the Oxygene® and zinc for maximum breath protection
  • Infused with natural essential oils for a fresh-from-the-dentist feeling
  • Proven in an independent 12-month clinical study to beat the “big boy brand” at reducing plaque and strengthening gum tissue

Allergies and postnasal drip are never fun. But when you have some fantastic tips, your water bottle in hand, and the best toothpaste for bad breath, you can get back to enjoying the season.