Bad Breath? 5 Reasons You Need to Use a Zinc Toothpaste.

Fresh breath is closer than you zinc! Say goodbye to your worries about bad breath and discover 5 breath-defying benefits of a zinc toothpaste.
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Think you have bad breath? Maybe you have an unpleasant taste in your mouth or a friend who’s declared one too many times, "Whoa, you need a breath mint!"

Here’s the deal: breath mints can only do so much. They MASK the problem versus fixing it. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to make a REAL and immediate difference in your breath: switch to a zinc toothpaste.

5 "Breathtaking" Benefits of Zinc Toothpaste

#1. Better Plaque Control

Plaque is a sticky, SMELLY film of bacteria that clings to the teeth after we eat, especially when we consume sugary and starchy food and drinks.

Bacteria in the mouth love carbs (we can relate) and produce acid as they interact, which can lead to decay, cavities and weakened enamel if we "brush off" our daily oral care or use subpar dental products.

How can you tell if you have plaque on your teeth right now? Run your tongue over them. Do they feel a little fuzzy? That’s plaque!

To better control plaque in your mouth, try a toothpaste with zinc. In a six-month clinical toothbrushing trial, participants who used a zinc toothpaste experienced 29% more plaque reduction vs. non-zinc toothpaste users.

#2. Fights Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, known in techy circles as xerostomia, is simply when the mouth doesn’t have enough saliva. This common dental condition comes with an array of annoying and embarrassing symptoms, including really bad breath.

Dry mouth causes bad breath because stinky sulfur compounds multiply quickly in a dry environment. Saliva is the mouth’s natural cleanser, flushing out bacteria and leftover food particles, so without enough of it, you’re almost guaranteed to have bad breath.

Unfortunately, there are many dental products that contribute to a dry mouth, especially alcohol-based mouthwashes and certain toothpastes with SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). Zinc helps hydrate the mouth and freshen the breath, giving you great protection against dry-mouth halitosis.

#3. Increases Remineralization of Enamel

When it comes to strong enamel, fluoride seems to get all the attention. But with more people moving toward fluoride free dental products, using a toothpaste with zinc is a must to guard against decay.

Clinical trials have shown that zinc decreases the rate of enamel demineralization and aids in remineralization. (Demineralization occurs when the mineral content on your teeth wear away, leaving you susceptible to cavities, periodontal disease and tooth sensitivity.)

#4. Lights Up Your Taste Buds

Does it seem like your favorite foods just don’t have the same "wow factor" they used to? It’s not your imagination. It could be one of two things:

  • Age: Most people have around 10,000 taste buds. After age 60, the taste buds begin to shrink and lose their ability to fully detect sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami flavors.
  • Lack of Saliva: If you’re younger than 60, a lack of saliva could be hampering your taste buds. (The dreaded dry mouth again!) Taste buds need saliva in order to taste. Additionally, a dry mouth can "taste" foul.

Fortunately, in both these situations, adding a zinc toothpaste to your routine – and ensuring you’re getting enough zinc in your diet – will help your taste buds fire on all cylinders.

#5. Lasting Freshness Post-Brushing

Ever wonder if you actually remembered to brush your teeth in the morning – you know, because your mouth just doesn’t feel fresh?

In one bad breath study, a Halimeter (a fancy gadget that measures stinky sulfur compounds) showed that brushers who brushed with a zinc toothpaste 2x daily for four weeks versus those who brushed with a non-zinc toothpaste experienced 16–46% improvement in their breath and longer freshness in the 2 hours after brushing.

Fresh Breath Is Closer Than You Zinc

Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Toothpaste is no ordinary zinc toothpaste. It’s the only one on the market to feature a maximum-strength blend of double the Oxygene® and zinc to give you unrivaled protection against bad breath.

Oxygene® is Oxyfresh’s proprietary blend of stabilized chlorine dioxide, a non-toxic purifier that instantly neutralizes the bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath. Oxyfresh’s zinc/Oxygene® duo has been a dentist favorite for over 35 years.

What else makes Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Toothpaste unique? Unlike many brands of toothpaste, there’s no overpowering, "spicy" menthol flavor. Just a light, refreshing blend of seven essential oils. Bonus: it’s SLS free, a must if you think your bad breath is caused by dry mouth.

lemon mint toothpaste

For the ultimate fresh breath routine, pair with Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Mouthwash. This patented mouthwash is dye- and alcohol-free so it won’t dry out your mouth, plus it contains a lineup of hydrating ingredients like zinc, Aloe vera and citrus and mint essential oils.

Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash | 24 Hr Protection | Fluoride Free

Do Oxyfresh Zinc Dental Products Work? The Proof Is in the Smiles.

In a double-blind clinical study of 50 dental patients with advanced gum disease, Oxyfresh’s Lemon Mint duo went up against a leading store brand toothpaste and mouthwash. The patients were divided into two groups, and these were the results after 12 months of home dental care ...

Group A: Used Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Toothpaste & Mouthwash

  • 76% improvement Gingival Index (gum health)
  • 79% plaque reduction
  • 44% reduction harmful bacteria

Group B: Used Store Brand Toothpaste & Mouthwash

  • 70% improvement Gingival Index (gum health)
  • 71% plaque reduction
  • 34% reduction harmful bacteria

As you can see, Oxyfresh scored higher in every category, most notably the bacteria category, which indicates much fresher breath.

Want to try the world's best fresh for yourself? Head on over to oxyfresh.com and shop around.

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