Look, Mom! I'm Brushing My Own Teeth.

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If you wear pet hair like glitter ...

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Shop our customers' favorite dental care for pets, plus must-haves in grooming and cleaning supplies.

oxyfresh pet water additive 16 ounce bottle for pet fresh breath

Pet Dental Water Additive

#1 best selling pet breath freshener. Stops even the toughest dog and cat bad breath.

Super-Chewer Dental Toys

Ultra-durable, 100% natural rubber dog toy is packed with cleaning ridges to gently scrape away plaque.


Pet Stain & Odor Remover

A must-have for removing every "treat" pets leave behind: potty spots, puke piles and eww, what IS that?!

oxyfresh pet ear cleaner gently washes stinky dirty ears

Pet Ear Cleaner Soothing Wash

The #1 gotta-have product for itchy, stinky dog and cat ears. Soothes even the most sensitive pet ears.

oxyfresh pet line bottles of cleaner, deodorizer, and pet dental care items dispersed with pet toys

Oxyfresh pet care

Head to tail clean.

Because pets deserve fresh breath and clean homes too!

What really makes us sparkle

The Oxyfresh Difference

five stars

This Product Undeniably Works

I have been using the Water Additive for at least 20 Years - won’t be with out it- the Animals always have a fresh breath and no gum or teeth problems. 💜

- Melady E.

Pet Water Additive
five stars

Results Are Priceless

I am so impressed and I don't impress very easily!! Thanks so much for this product that really works!! I also bought more for my daughter's older dog!

- Mark T.

Pet Toothpaste
five stars

No toothbrush, no problem

My oldest dog’s gums get red and inflamed frequently. Brushing and
rubbing toothpaste was impossible, but this really seems to work!

- D.W.

Pet Breath Spray
five stars

Top Dog of Ear Cleaners!

Oxyfresh's ear cleaner is the absolute BEST ear cleaner on the market. I am a vet tech and have used many ear cleaners. Nothing works as well as this one.

-Shelley S.

Pet Ear Cleaner
five stars

We Can't Live Without It

My male cat is in perfect health -but his urine smells, and it's AWFUL. It is only when I spray the litter with Oxyfresh that the odor ever goes away. 

– Marcia H.

Pet Deodorizer

Safe. Simple. Trusted.

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Always 100% Guaranteed

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Exclusively Made in the USA

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Over 40,000 Reviews

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The Best of Science + Nature

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Non-Toxic, Gentle, and Safe

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All the Furkids Are Doing It

Adopt a daily dental routine with our Pet Dental Kit. No code needed

Wash Away Grime

Eliminate tank odors with $2 off our Terrarium Cleaner. Use code FRESHTANK

Summer Dental Fun

Fetch a Free 1oz Pet Toothpaste with each Dental Chew Toy purchase

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Committed to a Brighter Future

Yep, we're tree huggers. We care about future generations and want to take part in our responsibility to the planet. We are fully recyclable, eco-friendly & sustainably sourced, and that's just the beginning.

Of course the pets are the cutest.

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woman and her fresh pup looking lovingly at each other with oxyfresh pet water additive and a water bowl on the counter in front of them

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