Top 2023 Products for Cat Dental Care

Top 2023 Products for Cat Dental Care

New to the world of cat dental care? Rather than explore endless paw-sibilities, we’ve got the top cat dental products for 2023 right here.

Shopping around for the best cat dental products? Smart decision. Not only will you breathe easier (goodbye, billowing tuna breath!) but you’ll also give your cat a better quality of life.

Read on to explore why dental care is essential for a cat’s health and well being, and which products are top dog ... er, cat ... for 2023.

Why Take Care of Your Cat's Teeth?

Dental care is how you defend against gum disease in cats, a common health condition that affects approximately 80% of our feline friends by age two.

Gum disease starts with plaque accumulation, which forms after a cat eats. If the plaque isn’t promptly removed, it will begin to harden into yellow-brown tartar within 48 hours. Both plaque and tartar are filled with harmful bacteria that irritate the gums and produce that foul-smelling cat halitosis.

Gum disease advances in stages (four total). The good news is, in the first stage, it’s 100% reversible with proper oral care. The bad news is, if you let it go untreated, it can cause a lot of pain for the cat as their tooth structures separate from the gums. Ultimately, bacteria from severely infected gums can take years off a cat’s life as it spreads to the vital organs.

Cat dental cleaning costs

Everything is going up in price these days (how much for that bag of tater tots?!) and cat dental cleaning costs are no exception. This is another good motivator to take care of your cat's teeth. A cat dental cleaning, on average, will cost around $200, but this can vary quite a bit depending on where you live. If your cat needs more invasive teeth cleaning or tooth removal, it will usually cost between $400–$800. Yikes.

To decrease the frequency of cat dental cleanings or even eliminate the need for them altogether, adopt a cat dental cleaning routine at home, ASAP. (Just imagine all the tots you could buy with the money you save!) But don’t play armchair vet. Your cat’s teeth should still be looked at once a year by a professional. And if your cat is in the later stages of gum disease, professional cleanings are a must to control it.

What Are the Best Cat Dental Products?

Now that you know WHY adopting a cat dental routine is so vital, let’s get down to which products are best for supporting your cat’s smile.

Best Cat Dental Treat

FELINE GREENIES Adult Dental Cat Treats, Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor, 9.75 oz. Tub : FELINE GREENIES Adult Dental Cat Treats, Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor, 9.75 oz. Tub : Pet Supplies

Feline Greenies is the #1 vet-recommended cat treat brand in the U.S. and has the highest star rating on Amazon.

Choose from a variety of flavors to please the palate of your picky cat: roasted chicken, savory salmon, or catnip.

It’s important to note that cat dental treats should be given as a SUPPLEMENT to an at-home cat dental routine, and not be the sole method of cleaning your cat’s teeth.

Why You’ll Love ‘Em

  • Less than two calories each, so you don’t have to worry about your cat packing on extra pounds
  • Crunchy wafer texture helps clean teeth
  • Made with natural ingredients plus added vitamins minerals

Best Cat Dental Water Additive

oxyfresh pet water additive

If you want a no-fuss, no-brush dental routine that’s insanely effective, look no further than the #1 cat dental water additive on the market: USA-made Oxyfresh Pet Dental Water Additive. It has over 26,000 pawsitive Amazon reviews!

Just add the solution into your cat’s water bowl or fountain each day and you’re good to go.

This is the only cat dental water additive formulated with proprietary Oxygene®, a fast-acting, non-toxic ingredient that oxidizes plaque- and bad breath-causing bacteria right at the source. No covering up bad cat breath with mint or fake chicken flavors!

Why You’ll Love It

  • Freshens cat bad breath ... no brushing required
  • Flavor free so you can outsmart your picky cat
  • Fights plaque tartar with every drink

Best Cat Dental Toy

 Petstages Crunchy Pickle Kicker Dental Catnip Cat Toy : Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick Dental Cat Chew Toy : Catnip Toys : Pet Supplies

Dental health is a big dill ... and so is choosing toys your cat likes. This cute and crinkly dill pickle dental toy checks both boxes!

Cats love it because it’s stuffed with 100% premium catnip, and pet parents love it because it helps support dental health. The mesh material helps remove soft plaque while the plushy fabric feels gentle on the gums.

Like cat dental treats, cat dental toys should not be used as a cat’s only source of home dental care. They are simply meant to supplement a routine.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Perfect size for your cat to bat, carry & chew on
  • Multiple textures to support dental health
  • Minimal seams & crinkle sounds that cats love

Best Cat Teeth Cleaning Powder

VETRISCIENCE Perio Support Teeth Cleaning Dental Powder For Dogs And Cats, Up To 192 Servings – Clinically Proven To Reduce Plaque And Tartar : VETRISCIENCE Perio Support Teeth Cleaning Dental Powder For Dogs And Cats, Up To 192 Servings – Clinically Proven To Reduce Plaque And Tartar : Pet Herbal Supplements : Pet Supplies

Sprinkle a teaspoon of Perio Support Powder on your cat’s food to reduce plaque by up to 20%.

This formula’s natural zeolites help prevent plaque from forming and sticking to the teeth, which is essential in the fight against cat gum disease.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Clinically tested to reduce prevalence of plaque by 20% after 28 days
  • Hassle-free dental support – no toothbrush needed
  • USA made & formulated by vets

Best Cat Dental Kit

oxyfresh pet dental kit try-me size

Toothbrushing is – and always will be – the gold standard of cat dental care. And with time and patience, your cat may grow to love (OK, tolerate) it. But that doesn’t mean you want to take this task on every day.

That’s why the Oxyfresh Pet Dental Kit offers the perfect solution. It gives you the best of all worlds, so you can tailor a routine that’s just right for you and your cat.

Kit features:

  • 1 bottle of Pet Dental Water Additive – flavor free, just add to water bowl or fountain daily
  • 1 tube of Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste – picky-cat approved with no flavors or scents
  • 3 soft silicone finger brushes – fits a cat's tiny mouth way better than bulky pet toothbrushes

Oxyfresh’s premium Pet Dental Kit comes in two different sizes: Value Size (with full-size cat dental products) or Try-Me Size (with mini-size cat dental products) so you can get the one that’s purrfect for you and your cutie-patootie cat.

Final Word: There are lots of cat dental products to support your cat’s healthy smile. And the payoff is fresh breath, savings on cat dental cleaning costs, and best of all, more years with your furry bestie. So don't wait - get started on a cat dental care routine today!

Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Kit for Dogs & Cats – Easy Solution for Pet Fresh Breath, Clean Teeth, Control Plaque & Tartar – Vet Formulated Pet Toothpaste

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