Survey Says: Do You Know Your History of Pet Dental Health Month?

Survey Says: Do You Know Your History of Pet Dental Health Month?

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Love (and fresh breath) is in the air!

February is Pet Dental Health Month, paws-down one of our favorite times of year.

As a pro, you already know the WHY behind good oral hygiene for our four-legged friends. But if you really want to impress your customers, friends, or random strangers with your knowledge, then brush up on these facts about the history of pet dentistry.

History of Pet Dental Care

9000 BC: The first veterinary practice came into existence, for sheepherder dogs in the Middle East.

1900 BC: Sacred Hindu texts divulged the first written accounts of veterinary medicine.

1850: Eureka! Archaeologists unearthed fragments of an ancient veterinary book, offering helpful advice for birds, cattle, fish and dogs.

1998: Oxyfresh introduces their first pet dental product, Pet Oral Hygiene Solution with their game-changing ingredient Oxygene®.

1995: Not everyone was watching Friends and wearing denim overalls. 35 veterinarians, dental scientists & reps from the ADA were busy testing the effectiveness of various plaque fighters.

2003: The first Veterinary Oral Health Council seal of acceptance was issued.

Early 2000s: Vet consultants advised practices to offer a discount on dentistry to increase customer compliance and help them stay busy during a typically slow month. Boom – the concept of National Pet Dental Health Month was born … and the rest is history!

2019: Oxyfresh takes Pet Dental Health Month to a whole new level with the introduction of their Try-Me-Size Pet Dental Kit, featuring mini sizes of their most popular dental products: Pet Dental Water Additive (3 oz.), Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste (1 oz.) and 3 gentle finger brushes.

What’s Next?

Before you rush off for Jeopardy tryouts, don’t forget to stock up on Oxyfresh’s Try-Me-Size Pet Dental Kit. This complete kit is a fantastic first look for customers and clients into how easy and effective pet dental care can be. It's also a great take-home product to send with patients after dental cleanings.