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Purchases That Will Make Your Life as a Cat Owner Easier

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It may be hard to remember your life without your precious cat – before your little ball of fluff stole your heart and gave you so many memorable moments. Likewise, it may be difficult to remember a time when you didn’t need to manage all of the not-so-nice things that come part and parcel with being a cat owner.

Yes, we’re talking about all of the messes and smells (and all of the time and energy it takes to deal with them!). Needless to say, the tradeoff is well worth it – but that doesn’t mean that you need to make things harder for yourself! There are many purchases designed to make your life as a cat owner easier.

We’ve selected 3 items below that will make a significant difference to your life, but won’t break the bank. Read on, to discover the 3 purchases that you’ll be wondering how you did without!

Oxyfresh - Pet deodorizer

1. Pet deodorizer

One thing you would learn by now is that pets can come with certain unpleasant odors. While cats make some of the least-smelly pets, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t without their moments! This is where a pet deodorizer comes in. If you’re looking for an ideal choice, you can’t go past Oxyfresh’s Pet Deodorizer. The formula is free of harsh chemicals and fragrances, making it non-toxic to both people and pets. That means it is safe for you to use it directly on your cat if you choose to.

This pet deodorizer is made with Oxyfresh’s exclusive Oxygene® formula, which is highly-effective in completely neutralizing odors. This is notable because many other formulas simply mask smells, and don’t actually neutralize them…meaning you could get a nasty surprise when they unexpectedly come back!

And it’s not just us who think the Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer is the best on the market, many satisfied customers have given it a 5-star rating. It’s also been featured on Today, Pet Age, and even The Oscars! If you’d like to try it out for yourself without risk and 100% money back guarantee.

Oxyfresh - Freshen stinky cat litter box

2. Cat litter box

There’s no doubt that you’ve already bought a litter box for your kitty. But did you know that not all litter boxes were created equal? As this guide to the best cat litter boxes highlights, “The litter box you should use varies depending on the size of your cat, their litter habits, your preferences, and aesthetics, which makes finding the right one a challenge.”

Fortunately, there are so many varieties of litter boxes to choose from that you’re bound to find a suitable one with a bit of homework. Keep an eye out for such features as durability, size, whether the box is easy to clean, and how comfortable it is for your cat to use.

Cat litter boxes are getting more sophisticated by the day, so you’ll find many even come with multiple functions. For example, there are some that double as a plant (so as to enhance, not disrupt your room’s aesthetics), and others that provide a cozy hiding place for your feline. Just remember first and foremost keep your cat’s particular needs at the forefront of your mind.

Oxyfresh - Pamper cat brush

3. A cat brush

While dogs may get the brunt of the blame for leaving their hair around the house, cats are equally guilty of making unwanted fur carpets! You may have resolved yourself to putting up with little hairballs here and there and everywhere, however, there’s actually something practical you can do to reduce them. We recommend that you buy a well-designed cat brush.

If by now you’re thinking, “Don’t cats clean themselves?” you’re right – cats spend 15% to 50% of their day grooming themselves. Nevertheless, it is still recommended that cat owners brush their cats once a week. As this cat grooming guide points, “Regular brushing helps to prevent mats and tangles, plus it will reduce the amount of fur your cat sheds.”

Similar to the above purchases, cat brushes come in all variety of functions and aesthetics, so it’s important to pick the right one for your kitty. For example, some brushes are optimized for long or short hair, while others offer a dual option. Some are simple brushes, while others come in a kit that offers all kinds of bells and whistles like a pin brush, metal slicker brush, dematter tool, and grooming comb.

Guest post by Author Cynthia Lopez
Cynthia is the managing editor and a frequent contributor at Pet Life Today. She’s been writing about pet-focused topics and trends since 2014.