Oxyfresh - Is it safe for my Dog to Kiss my Friends Face

Is It Safe For My Dog to Lick My Friend's Face?

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We all love a good smooch from our pooch, but should we be concerned about all the germs from our dog’s mouth? The short answer: it depends on the health of your pup. Healthier dogs will have cleaner mouths (and less bacteria and parasites) than dogs who are in lesser health (and have bad breath).

The term “zoonosis” refers to infectious diseases in animals that can naturally be transferred to humans. Fortunately, there isn’t much cause for concern.

Dog germs aren’t deadly by any means, but we all want to avoid any unnecessary pathogens from getting into our system. So, what can you do to minimize the damage? Since your dog roams around the backyard , just make sure that you clean up after him. Clean your dog’s waste as soon as possible, to keep them from returning to “the scene of the crime” and eating what is best left alone.

Besides disposing of their waste, the rest of it comes down to keeping your dog healthy. By taking care of their oral health, you will also improve their overall vitality, since everything goes through the mouth. When dogs get infected gums, bacteria and pathogens will seep into the bloodstream and affect their organs. Keep them healthy by brushing their teeth (or using our 10-second hack), giving them the proper chew toys and treats, and making sure they avoid harmful human foods.

Of course, one of the easiest and most reliable ways to clean your dog’s mouth is to use Pet Dental Water Additive. One capful a day works wonders to improve their oral health.

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