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Dog Dental Care: 3 Things to Watch Out for With Dental Chews

Pet Dental Health Month is the perfect time to discover how to take better care of your dog’s smile. After all, adopting a dog dental care routine can add 3–5 years to your dog’s life! While many pet parents turn to dental chews to help do the trick, it pays to do your homework first (and keep it away from the dog, of course) because dental chews are not always safe and can vary greatly in quality. Here are 3 things to watch out for with dental chews, plus an easy, at-home solution to step up your dog dental care game even more …

#1. Dental Chews That Are Too Hard

Imagine chomping down on hard candies and jawbreakers with reckless abandon – ouch, just thinking about it makes our teeth ache! While dogs are natural born chewers, hard chews like cow hooves, elk or deer antlers, DIY chews like ice cubes, and Nylabones should be avoided, as they are simply too hard and can cause tooth fractures, even in dogs with healthy teeth. If your dog already has gum disease, and therefore weakened bones supporting the teeth, you’ll especially want to steer clear of hard chews.

#2. Run from Rawhide Chews

Rawhide chews – made from animal hides – are popular chew treats for pets, but they can actually be quite dangerous. If your dog swallows a piece of rawhide, it can get stuck in their esophagus or cause an intestinal obstruction (more likely to occur with small breed dogs, according to the ASPCA). Additionally, dogs with sensitive stomachs may not tolerate rawhide well … you’ll know it when you see the carpet! It’s best to play it safe and pass on rawhide altogether.

#3. Size ‘Em Up

Size is important when it comes to dog dental chews. If the chew is too small, dogs may swallow it whole, and if it’s too large, a chunk could break off and get lodged in their throats. Both scenarios create a choking hazard. You’ll want to look for chews that break into Goldilocks-approved “just right” pieces as your dog munches, ‘er, greedily gobbles, at the chew.

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Pet Dental Care: Think Beyond the Chews

While the right chews can complement a dog dental care routine, it shouldn’t be the only care they’re getting for their smiles.

But if toothbrushing sounds impawsible (sorry, not sorry), we hear you! That’s why we formulated a super simple solution: Oxyfresh Pet Dental Care Water Additive.

Just like the name suggests, our USA-made, vet-recommended formula goes straight into your dog’s water bowl each day. So easy! Made with ingredients you can feel good about, this safe, non-toxic water additive is the next best thing to a toothbrush, as it helps stop plaque and tartar while quickly neutralizing bad dog breath without the use of alcohol, harsh chemicals, or mint or clove flavors.

  • Veterinarians love it because it WORKS
  • Dogs love it because it’s tasteless and odorless
  • Pet parents love it because it’s an EASY way to fight dog plaque & bad breath

So celebrate your sweet dog during Pet Dental Health Month and give the gift of healthier teeth and gums – plus the bonus of fresh dog breath – with Pet Dental Care Water Additive.

P.S. Now is a great time to learn about the entire pet dental care line Oxyfresh has to offer. We have amazing products for all the furry and fine-feathered friends!

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