5 Tips for Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

5 Tips for Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Ready to dive into the world of dog ear cleaning? Your pooch will thank you! Dog ear cleaning is the best way to avoid painful ear infections, the #1 reason that dogs visit the vet.

Cleaning your dog’s ears will also get rid of itchy, smelly dog ears so you can enjoy cuddling with your pet a whole lot more.

How Often Should I Clean My Dog’s Ears?

Your dog’s ears can best answer that question. Floppy-eared breeds, dogs who love the water, dogs with allergies, or dogs that simply produce a lot of ear wax will need more frequent cleanings, varying from once a week to once a month.

Some lucky dogs won’t need ear cleanings at all.

As a diligent dog owner, you’ll want to check your dog’s ears regularly to see if they’re healthy or if they’re in need of a cleaning. Two tricks will do it!

  • Look at Your Dog’s Ears:
    When your dog is tuckered out after exercise, get a good look at the ears. Your dog’s ears should be pink with a small amount of pale yellow wax. If there’s abundant wax buildup or debris inside them, it’s time to grab your bottle of dog ear cleaner! If the ears are clean, leave them alone. Frequent ear cleaning when it isn’t necessary can cause yeast overgrowth in your dog’s ears.
  • Smell Your Dog’s Ears:
    If you love cuddling with your dog, then you already know: dog ears can get pretty stinky! A foul odor coming from the ears is often a sign of an ear infection brewing. While dogs’ ear glands will naturally produce a mild yeasty smell, anything stronger indicates the need for an ear cleaning.

5 Tips for Dog Ear Cleaning

1. Use an Alcohol-Free Dog Ear Cleaner

The dog ear wash you use on your pet’s ears is the most important aspect of dog ear cleaning. There are lots of dog ear cleaners on the market, and it takes a savvy consumer to know what to look for.

You’ll want to steer clear of alcohol-based dog ear washes, as they can sting and burn your dog’s delicate ears, dry out the ears, and even be the cause of canine ear infections.

Also, even though DIY fans have good intentions, the ingredients in homemade dog ear cleaners, such as hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, and vinegar, can be too harsh for a dog’s ears and sting their delicate ear tissue.

2. Keep It Positive

There’s nothing worse than your dog turning into a wiggle-worm when you’re trying to clean his ears. You can help your dog calm down for ear cleanings by building a positive association with it.

If you have a treat-motivated pup, this would mean giving a treat immediately after ear cleaning.

Also, be sure to pick a time to clean your dog’s ears when he’s worn out, and calmly praise your dog throughout the ear cleaning process.

3. Round Up Your Supplies

Just like a surgeon wouldn’t dare operate without all the necessary tools laid out before him or her, neither should you dive into dog ear cleaning without every supply you’ll need: your dog ear cleaner, gauze or cotton balls, a towel, and treats.

Note: never use Q-tips on your dog, as they can drive the debris deeper into the ear canal and cause severe damage if inserted too far.

4. Dog Ear Cleaning: Just Do It.

Tilt your dog’s head down with one hand and squirt your alcohol-free dog ear cleaner into the ear with the other, filling the canal.

Keeping the flap of the ear closed, gently massage your dog’s ears. This will distribute the dog ear wash throughout the ear and soften up any debris.

Then voila – step back and let your dog shake, shake shake. (Hold up that towel to avoid getting hit with any flyaway gunk.) Wipe away any remaining solution with soft, dry gauze or cotton balls, being mindful not to go too deep.

5. Don’t Wait to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

If you see or smell a problem with your dog’s ears, don’t hold your breath and hope the problem will go away on its own. Keeping your dog’s ears clean is the best way to avoid a canine ear infection.

Ear infections are painful for our four-legged friends, yet their natural instinct is to hide their pain. Letting an ear problem go unchecked can lead to permanent damage to the ear, and even deafness.

Introducing the Best Dog Ear Cleaner

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Dog Ear Cleaning – You Got This!

For the dog who does so much for you, return the favor and give your pet the gift of healthy, itch-free, and stink-free ears. Start inspecting your dog’s ears regularly and embark down the path of dog ear cleaning, following these 5 tips.

Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner – the best dog ear cleaner on the planet – has your back!