5 Key Benefits of Cat Water Additive

5 Key Benefits of Cat Water Additive

We love the independent nature of our feline friends. But one thing they can’t do on their own? Take care of their teeth! That’s why a water additive for cats is a game-changer for busy pet parents like you.

It’s an easy way to support your cat’s smile, and in doing so, you’ll not only improve your cat’s quality of life, but you could actually add YEARS to your cat’s life! To learn more about the brand veterinarians know and trust, check out these 5 key benefits of Oxyfresh Cat Water Additive.

#1. It’s More Convenient Than Brushing

When it comes to caring for their pets’ teeth, cat parents have some catching up to do compared to dog parents.

According to the American Pet Products Association, more than 50% of dog parents take care of their pets’ smiles and are 2 times more likely than cat owners to purchase dental care products and services.

While tooth brushing is the gold standard when it comes to cat dental care, the reality is, it just doesn’t work for a lot of cat parents.

You’re more likely to be successful at cat tooth brushing when you can put a check mark after the following:

  • You start when your cat is young – they won’t be as set in their stubborn ways.
  • You have a food-motivated cat – treats should always be given after a tooth brushing session so the pet develops a positive association with it. For cats who are highly food motivated, they’ll start to look forward to this time of day if you stick with it.
  • You’re committed to a brushing routine – in order for brushing to make any difference in your cat’s smile, brushing should be done at least three times a week and ideally every day.

So where does this leave the majority of cat parents? Looking for options outside of brushing!

Dental treats can only do so much … and often cause pets to pack on unwanted pounds.

Raw bones, while awesome because they really get the teeth clean, can be messy and unsanitary.

Simply relying on cleanings at the vet can be expensive. And for senior cats, their pet parents often worry about putting them under anesthesia.

That’s why water additives for cats have soared in popularity in the past several years.

Just like a toothbrush, a cat water additive helps to clean cats’ teeth and gums, but unlike a toothbrush, there’s no fuss involved (and no scratch marks). You just add it to their water dish or fountain each day. That’s it!

#2. It’s Uniquely Tasteless & Odorless

Beware of flavored cat water additives. You can find ones with mysterious “tuna flavor” (ick), mint flavors and even green tea. The most common complaints with these are: “My cat won’t touch his water anymore!” or “He’d rather go thirsty!”

Not OK.

When we’re trying to outsmart our cats and get their teeth clean at home, it’s vital to not mess with the taste of their water.

Even though we may love a flavored carbonated water from time to time, a cat’s water should always taste like WATER. That’s it.

Additionally, with mint products, many cats have an adverse reaction to it, such as upset stomach or lethargy. So why are they in dental products? Because cats are crazy for catnip (aka catmint), many believe all mints are safe for cats. Simply not true.

You deserve peace of mind with your water additive for cats, and that’s what Oxyfresh delivers with every capful.

Oxyfresh Cat Water Additive is 100% odor- and flavor-free so you don’t have to worry about your cat shunning its water dish. And you’ll feel good knowing that with every sip, you’re giving your cat the gift of a healthier smile.

#3. Helps Reduce Plaque Buildup

Plaque is how serious problems begin in the mouth. No cat is immune to getting plaque, as it naturally forms on the teeth after meals.

The concern is when plaque hardens into tartar buildup on the cat’s teeth, which is unavoidable if the plaque is left to just sit there and fester. This hardening process, courtesy of the salts in a cat’s saliva, can begin within 24 hours, which is why daily dental care is so important.

Tartar is a rough, porous surface, yellow or brown in color, that harmful bacteria love to cling to, multiplying and causing inflammation to the gums (gingivitis). This is the beginning stage of gum disease, which affects 7 in 10 cats by the age of 3.

Gum disease occurs in four stages, with the most serious being advanced periodontal disease.

Left untreated, periodontal disease in cats can lead to pain, tooth loss and even problems with the cats’ vital organs, shortening their lifespans. That’s because bacteria from a mouth infection can travel all throughout the body via the bloodstream.

The good news is, in the early stages, gum disease is completely reversible with good oral care at home and a professional cleaning if needed.

It all boils down to stopping plaque.

Oxyfresh Cat Water Additive is uniquely formulated to help reduce the buildup of plaque.
It contains Oxygene®, our secret, non-toxic oxidizing ingredient proven to improve gum health and stop harmful plaque- and bad breath-causing bacteria.

Good to know: Plaque, which is sticky, clear and gummy is easy to remove. But if your pet has tartar, which is rock-hard, you’ll need a veterinarian to intervene and remove it.

#4. It’s the Ultimate Cat Breath Freshener

As a society, we’ve been conditioned to chalk up bad breath as being normal for pets, but it isn’t. If your cat’s breath smells like death (figuratively speaking), don’t hold your breath and hope the problem will go away on its own. It won’t.

Most often, cat halitosis is a sign that gum disease is progressing due to neglected oral care. All that bacteria in plaque and tartar is STINKY, and you’ll want to start on a regular dental routine, STAT.

What’s normal for cat breath? A mild smell is nothing to worry about. Most often, the scent will be of whatever food your cat eats. Mild is the key word, though. A healthy cat will not have a strong, persistent odor to its breath that makes you cringe or turn away.

Keep in mind, the kind of bad breath your cat has matters:

  • Fruity smell is a sign of diabetes
  • Urine or ammonia smell is a sign of kidney disease
  • Vomit-like smell is a sign of liver disease

If your cat’s breath falls into any of those categories, you’ll want to make an appointment with the vet right away.

Also, if your cat’s bad breath has a sudden onset, it’s possible that your cat may have something lodged in the nooks and crannies of its teeth. As the item decomposes, it will give off a foul odor, hence the “cat breath smells like death” analogy.

Oxyfresh Water Additive is a cat breath freshener that works quickly to freshen their breath.

How does it work?

If you spent more time doodling pictures of cats during science class, don’t worry. Here’s a simple explanation of how our innovative, non-toxic water additive works as a cat breath freshener …

Bad breath is most often caused by sulfur compounds. Sulfur = stinky! The Oxygene® in our formula breaks the bonds of sulfur compounds, turning them into sulfite ions, which are non-stinky. This is a safe, gentle process with no harmful byproducts produced.

Our water additive for cats also contains zinc. Zinc helps get rid of the stink by reducing the number of sulfurous compounds in the mouth.

Together Oxygene® and zinc make a dynamic duo to freshen your cat’s breath, fast.

Did you know? Periodontal disease is often called a silent killer because pet parents usually don’t notice there’s a problem until the pet’s breath gets really bad. In addition to paying attention to your cat’s breath, make it a point to regularly inspect your cat’s mouth for signs of a problem. Pay close attention to the gums. They should be a nice light pink and not red or swollen.

#5. Oxyfresh Cat Water Additive Is a Trusted Brand

Fad products cannot stand the test of time. If people don’t love a product, they won’t buy it, and they definitely won’t recommend it to their friends.

Oxyfresh has been a trusted brand since 1984. Our passion for big bangs and banana clips has waned since the eighties, but our passion for caring for your family member’s smiles (especially those with four legs and a tail) has not.

Thousands of pet professionals across the globe use and recommend our products every day. Not only are our products proven to work, but we’re also a company that cares.

  • Family Choice Award Winner – this prestigious award recognizes the best-of-the-best in products that make a difference in the lives of families.
  • Members of Pet Sustainability Coalition – this is a collaborative nonprofit for companies that want to make a greater environmental and social impact in the world.
  • Leaping Bunny Certified – this guarantees that no animal testing was performed at any stage of product development.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Oxyfresh Water Additive for Cats

Happy and healthy!
I’ve been using Oxyfresh Pet Dental Water Additive since my cats were kittens and now they are 19 years old. Their teeth and gums are healthy and I credit it to this product.
Nancy S.

The proof is in their smiles!
I’ve been purchasing the Dental Water Additive for pets for over 5 years after it was recommended by my vet. My five cats definitely have benefitted from the additive and it shows in the health of the teeth and mouth. So thankful for such an awesome product.
Judi S.

Fooled my cats!
I’ve tried several different dental water additives for my cats, but I’ve never been able to fool them into actually drinking their water. They can always tell I’ve added something to their water and refuse to drink. Until your product! Thank you so much!
Amanda R.

Money saver!
I have been a customer since 2002 when my cat Pooka was 20 weeks old. She turned 17 last week and has NEVER needed a tooth cleaning.
Smudge’s M.

It really works!
I have used the water additive more than ten years for all my pets. (I was an animal control officer, ran a humane society shelter and worked for a veterinary clinic). It really does keep tartar off their teeth and gives them healthy gums and fresh breath.
Maddy B.

The final word: Taking care of your cat’s smile is one of the best gifts you can give your kitty. And daily dental care does not get any easier than Oxyfresh water additive for cats. Just add to their water bowl and you’re good to go!

P.S. Did you know that Oxyfresh has a complete line of eco-friendly dental and pet grooming products? Check them out at oxyfresh.com.

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