4 Secrets to Helping Your Older Dog Feel Young Again

4 Secrets to Helping Your Older Dog Feel Young Again

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One of the most challenging parts of being a pet parent is watching your beloved animal age, often losing the spry energy and mobility of their youth. Fortunately, as a loving and conscious owner, there are things that you can do to make easier and more light-hearted for your aging pet.

1. Assess the Environment

Are there any spots in the house that might be difficult to access for a pet with limited mobility? Look out for high steps or furniture they are allowed on (such as a tall bed). Consider installing a simple ramp or some assistance steps to give them the help they might need. If they have a hard time getting to their favorite spots, they may feel discouraged from moving around the house.

2. Add Supplements to Their Daily Routine

There are a wide variety of treats and supplements that can help your pet move more easily (and with less pain). Honestly though – some are better than others. Some reports have shown pets getting sick from treats that are made in China. When possible, it is always best to purchase treats and supplements made here in the U.S.A. Look for supplements with glucosamine and MSM to improve joint health. And this is great advice for young pets as well! Prevention is always easier than treatment.

3. Keep Play Time Strong

As much as they are willing, keep your pet active. “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” The same is true for our pets. Regular activity helps to keep their bones strong and their muscles healthy. Meet them where they’re at. Your old pup might not be up for a three mile run anymore, but they might enjoy a peaceful walk around the neighborhood or some light “fetch” in the backyard.

4. Pay Attention to Their Chompers

Did you know that maintaining good oral health can extend a pet’s life 2 to 5 years? On the other hand, neglecting your pet’s dental health can lead to gum disease and infections spreading through their bloodstream. Pet bad breath is more than just a nuisance – it’s a warning sign. The two best ways to maintain their oral health are:

And the Most Important…

Before and after all of these steps have been taken, remember to shower your pet in unconditional love and affection. There might not be any clinical studies published yet, but cuddling is good for everyone’s health. _x0001F609_

Do you have an older pet? What are your best tips and ideas to help them feeling great?