3 Unique Solutions to Stop Bad Dog Breath

3 Unique Solutions to Stop Bad Dog Breath

Happy dog owner getting puppy dog kisses … it always looks so picture-perfect on TV and in Valentine cards.

But the reality is … most pet owners steer clear of doggy kisses for one simple reason: dog bad breath.

Contrary to popular belief, a dog’s breath shouldn’t smell at all. If it does, it’s a sign of gum disease, which can progressively get worse as plaque and tartar accumulate along the dog’s gum line, causing inflammation, infection, tooth loss and even harm to their vital organs.

Here’s the good news: in addition to regular check-ups at the vet, you can EASILY adopt an at-home teeth cleaning routine for your dog to give him fresh breath and a best-on-the-block kind of smile. And, if you catch gum disease early enough, you can completely reverse it.

One solution does not fit all when it comes to dog dental care. That’s why Oxyfresh has 3 unique solutions to stop bad dog breath. Keep reading and we’ll tell you all about them so you can find what’s right for you.

But First, Why Oxyfresh for Dog Bad Breath?

The Oxyfresh difference is Oxygene®. Many pet dental products contain alcohol, additives, mints or clove oils – ingredients that only mask bad breath temporarily and can sting dogs’ delicate gum tissues.

Oxygene® is a gamechanger because it’s a gentle, 100% non-toxic ingredient that eliminates bad breath on a molecular level rather than covering it up artificially. It’s also the first line of defense against gum disease, which can take years off a pet’s life.

By fighting bacteria, Oxygene® effectively cleans the teeth and gums each day, reducing plaque and tartar buildup. You’ll find this exclusive ingredient in all of our pet products.

3 Oxyfresh Products for Healthy Smiles & Fresh Dog Breath

#1. Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste

To brush or not to brush, that is the question.

The answer is: with Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste, you can go either way.

Brushing is still the best way to remove plaque buildup from a dog’s teeth and gums, but if you try it and it doesn’t go well, you can also just apply this gel straight to the gums with a finger brush, your bare finger or a piece of gauze. You can also apply a drop to the tongue for instant fresh breath support.

Free of artificial flavor additives and other junk, Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste is tasteless and odorless, so your pet won’t try to chew up the toothbrush (or your finger). It’s formulated with odor-fighting Oxygene® to fight plaque and bad breath plus aloe to pamper your pooch’s gums.

Want a leg up on tooth brushing? Check out this article: How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth … Without Losing Your Sanity.

“It’s everything advertised. Healthier gums, tartar buildup disappearing, breath so much better nearly immediately. Gonna continue as part of their dental hygiene.”– Jonny J.

#2. Oxyfresh Pet Dental Water Additive

This award-winning, vet-recommended water additive is the perfect complement to toothbrushing, especially if you can’t brush your pet’s teeth every day. (Brushing should be done at least 3x a week in order for the dog’s teeth and gums to benefit.)

The Oxygene® and zinc in this formula will freshen your dog’s breath while helping to fight plaque buildup. Just add to the water bowl and that’s it. Your pet won’t even know it’s there. Giving your dog Oxyfresh Pet Dental Water Additive is one of the easiest way to support daily pet dental health without a lot of time or effort.

“Love this stuff. It prevents bad breath and cleans my pup’s mouth just putting it in his water. I’ve been using Oxyfresh in his water since he was a pup. He never has bad breath, and I feel good that his teeth and gums are always indicated healthy by me and his vet. This stuff works!” – Posted by Quintessential

#3. Oxyfresh Pet Dental Spray

This is the newest product to join the Oxyfresh line and our customers could not be more excited! This convenient, non-toxic spray with Oxygene® and zinc is a must-have for when you and your pet are on-the-go.

Whether your dog has a playdate with Buddy, an overnight at grandma’s, or simply likes to get close to you during car rides, keep Oxyfresh Pet Dental Spray nearby and fresh breath will always be just a spray away.

“Love this stuff – it is magical. My Pomchi used to have terrible breath, and since using this, it has vanished.” – Kaley B.

A Healthy Smile Equals a Happy Life.

Just like your own dentist will tell you, plaque needs to be removed daily to keep your smile healthy. The same holds true for your pet. Plaque is the start of gum disease, which can be very painful for pets as it progresses. By partnering with Oxyfresh, you can protect your dog from dental disease and finally enjoy some stink-free kisses this Valentine’s Day … and all year long!

Oxyfresh is proud to support the health and happiness of pets around the globe. We invite you and your fellow animal lovers to check out our complete line of pet dental and grooming products at oxyfresh.com.

Psst … we even have dental care products for humans!