Oxyfresh - What's the Skinny on your supplements?

What's the Skinny on your supplements?

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The New York Attorney General shook up the dietary supplement industry. Last year the NY AG produced testing that proved some dietary supplements did not contain the ingredients claimed on the label. We believe the NY AG likely did not use proper testing, and some companies' reputations were damaged through no fault of their own. However, the news shook up the industry and put companies on notice. In December, the FDA announced they are elevating their activity by creating an Office of Dietary Supplements. This means the government is investing more resources in protecting the public and policing the dietary supplement industry. We applaud the increased scrutiny of the dietary supplement market. Our industry provides incredible health products that change people’s lives for the better. One of the biggest challenges that companies like us face is competing with companies that don’t play by the rules. Oxyfresh nutritional products are strictly made by CGMP standards. We conduct a full battery of quality control testing on raw materials and finished goods. Additionally, we partner with third party laboratories, NSF and BSCG. Our products are guaranteed and will always contain what is claimed on the label. With a consistent, level playing field, the customer will always win. Cheers, Your Oxyfresh Team