What is the Best Plant-Based Protein Powder for Weight Loss?

What Is the Best Plant-Based Protein Powder for Weight Loss?

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If you’re looking to curb sugar cravings, steer clear of the fast-food line, and drop a few pounds this season, it’s important to have a game plan – one that’s doable and won’t feel like torture (cabbage soup diet, we’re talking to you.) Adding a plant-based shake to your daily routine is a smart choice, especially when it’s a VIBE plant protein shake. Keep reading to discover 4 reasons this top-rated plant-based protein powder (thank you, Vegan Liftz) is a shake above the rest for weight loss.

#1. Powered by a Patented Probiotic

Probiotics are a secret, often overlooked key to weight loss. Gut health influences metabolism, nutrient absorption and weight management. Additionally, if your gut bacteria is out of balance, it can create a vicious cycle of sugar cravings (often the downfall of many good diet intentions). VIBE plant-based protein drinks are uniquely formulated with a patented, highly absorbable 1 billion CFU probiotic to help benefit daily gut health. And they’re so easy to add to a daily routine – just mix with water and shake!

#2. Full Serving of Greens in Every Plant Protein Shake

According to a nutrition study by the CDC, only 9% of Americans are eating enough veggies each day. To stay healthy and fight chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes, we should be eating 2–3 cups of veggies a day. In every VIBE plant protein drink, you get a full serving of nutrient-dense greens: cabbage, collard greens, cilantro, kale, spinach, watercress and broccoli. This amazing greens blend will help boost nutrition, fill in your dietary gaps, and teach your taste buds to crave healthy, whole foods. (Read more about why greens are essential to your weight-loss shake.)

#3. Bye-Bye, Sugar Cravings

Do you often find it’s the sweet treats that sabotage your plans for weight loss? We get that. From brownies to chocolate bars, these goodies can quickly throw our willpower out the window. VIBE plant-based chocolate protein powder (available in vanilla too) is specially formulated with chromium, an essential trace mineral thought to help support healthy insulin and normal blood glucose levels. That’s a huge deal for diminishing sugar cravings. Many sugar cravings are caused from blood sugar imbalance, so when your blood sugar is better regulated, the logic is that sugar cravings will decrease. Hold the Sugar Please

#4. It’s a Full Meal Deal

Many shakes try to present themselves as healthy options, but they lack nutrition. They’re easy to spot if you check out the protein, fat and carbohydrate content. If carbs are the highest out of the three, move on. You’ll want a plant protein shake with the macronutrients in this order: protein, carbs, then fats. VIBE is the perfect whole meal with 20 grams of protein, 12 grams of carbs, and 6 grams of fat to fuel your body, just like a whole-food meal would. We especially love this meal replacement shake for breakfast to start the day right. Cheers to your good health! Whatever your goals – to lose a few pounds, simply eat healthier, or cut back on sugar – VIBE plant-based shakes are here for you! Oh, and if you have a weight loss buddy, share this with them so they can be in on your secret. Shake Up Your Weight Loss Goal