Scientific Breakthrough in Joint Health

Scientific Breakthrough in Joint Health

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Do you suffer from joint pain? Do you have an aching back, knees or (insert overused joint)? If you answered "no" congrats on your youth, you will at some point in the future. Especially if you don't take preventative measures to keep your joints healthy. For years, there really hasn't been an answer once you develop joint pain. You could take a pain reliever and just deal with it. You could also take huge doses of glucosamine and chondroitin and cross your fingers that it would help. The outlook for life without joint problems was not good. Science continues to research solutions to protect the cartilage and soft tissue of our joints. Once these soft tissues are damaged and worn down, we start to experience discomfort. This often leads to reducing activities we love due to pain. Once we become less active, weight gain begins which increases the stress on our joints.

A scientific breakthrough in joint health was discovered.

Something so simple and small, yet incredibly effective for everyone. It's called UCII. It's a special collagen extract that our body is able to use to repair our joints. A small daily, one capsule dose, provides all you need.

A recent human clinical study published in the Nutrition Journal showed significant reduction in knee pain in the group using UCII vs. glucosamine & chondroiton.*

Reading about UCII is one thing, experiencing UCII is another thing! I personally have had dramatic results. I tore up my body in sports. I suffered three ACL tears and went through reconstructive surgery each time. I didn't believe there was a product in the marketplace that would work. I was shocked at how well UCII worked for me. It took a month of daily doses before the results happened and when they did, I couldn't believe it. If you answered no to the first question in this article, remember that preventative medicine is the best medicine. UCII is one of the best breakthroughs in joint health!

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