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Oxyfresh Water Additive Gets a Shoutout in BuzzFeed Article on Favorites for Senior Cats

Oxyfresh Water Additive featured in July 2023 BuzzFeed article "27 Things Your Elderly Cat Will Thank You for Buying."

Oxyfresh Water Additive Featured in BuzzFeed Article on Popular Items to Pamper Senior Cats

BuzzFeed, home to the BEST on the internet for hundreds of millions of people, featured Oxyfresh Water Additive in their July 2023 article "27 Things Your Elderly Cat Will Thank You for Buying."

BuzzFeed contributor Isabella Sarlija writes: "An Oxyfresh water additive for the cat in your life who is quite particular about their dental snacks. This water additive is flavorless, meaning your cat won't even know that they're drinking something that will help make their breath smell fresh and their teeth and gums stronger."

Oxyfresh Water Additive is a must for finicky senior cats because it takes the time and hassle out of pet dental care. You simply add this USA-made, non-toxic formula straight into their water bowl or fountain each day and call it good. No wrestling with a toothbrush, no annoying plaque wipes, and no hard-to-chew, carb-filled treats.

Unlike water additives with minty, malty flavors that cats turn their noses up at, Oxyfresh Water Additive is 100% flavor free so cats won’t know it’s in their water. (Maybe we are smarter than the wise senior cats!)

Best of all, this #1 water additive works fast to freshen cats’ breath and give them essential protection against plaque, tartar and periodontal disease.

Senior cats deserve extra pampurring, don’t you agree?So help them live in the lap of (fresh-breath) luxuryand get your paws on this ultimate brush-free solution today!

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