woman washing her puppy in the kitchen sink with oxyfresh pet shampoo for a soft fresh coat

Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo Ranked Among the 17 Best Dog Shampoos for Dry Skin & Odor

Discover Magazine names Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo among the 17 best dog shampoos for 2023

Discover Magazine Features Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo in Their Article "17 Best Dog Shampoos for Dry Skin & Odor in 2023"

Itchy, smelly, and dry, oh my! It’s no secret that dogs with sensitive skin need a helping paw when it comes to getting clean and fresh. And that starts with finding the right dog shampoo.

Enter Oxyfresh’s advanced-formula Pet Shampoo, named among the 17 best dog shampoos for dry skin and odor in a July 2023 article in Discover Magazine.

Author Amber Smith writes: "Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo is the ultimate solution for pet owners who are struggling with their dog's dry skin and stubborn odor. Made from natural ingredients that are gentle on your furry friend's skin, this dog shampoo is perfect for pets of all ages and breeds.

"Unlike other shampoos in the market, Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo not only cleanses your dog's coat but also hydrates their skin with a rich, moisturizing formula. Its unique formula eliminates the worst of pet odors, leaving your dog smelling fresh and clean for days. Trust us, with Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo, your furry friend's bath time will be a breeze!"

Infused with vitamins E & B5, plus a healthy dose of silk amino acids, Oxyfresh’s moisturizing dog shampoo transforms dry, flaky coats into soft, shiny bundles of love. Plus, with its neutral pH, it's gentle on even the most sensitive doggy skin ... and gentle on hands too, so bath time is better for everyone!

Don't wait! Dive in and discover why this shampoo is best of the best!

Advanced Pet Shampoo | Sensitive Skin Formula for Dogs & Cats