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Oxyfresh Cage & Crate Cleaner Featured in Spring 2022 Issue of Pet Age

Pet Age showcases Oxyfresh Cage & Crate Cleaner as a must-have product for spring.
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Springtime Calls for Serious Pet Cleaning Power

With spring cleaning, people are looking for the BEST products to clean their dirty pet messes. And the go-to source for the latest and greatest product news is, of course, Pet Age magazine!

In their March 2022 edition (shoutout to Trisha Yearwood on the cover!), Oxyfresh Cage & Crate Cleaner is featured in their exclusive "Trends & Products" spread.

From the magazine:

"Oxyfresh’s Cage Cleaner is ideal for cleaning kennels and cages for small animals such as birds, gerbils and mice. Like all products at Oxyfresh, Cage Cleaner is made in the USA. It is cruelty-free, non-toxic, safe, gentle and effective. The cleaner will not disrupt a pet’s immune system."

Spring is all about fresh starts. And dare we say, nothing freshens better than our proprietary ingredient Oxygene®.

Oxygene® eliminates harmful bacteria and odors on contact, all without harsh chemicals, toxins and perfumes, which can harm the delicate immune and respiratory systems of birds and other small critters.

Best of all, Oxyfresh Cage & Crate Cleaner makes spring cleaning a breeze. Just spray and wipe away!

See what the buzz is all about:

oxyfresh cage & crate cleaner spray bottle against a white background