oxyfresh cage & crate cleaner next to Issue of Pet Age

Oxyfresh Cage & Crate Cleaner Featured in August 2021 Issue of Pet Age

Fast-acting Oxyfresh Cage & Crate Cleaner featured as a non-toxic, safe way to clean kennels and cages.
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Must-Try Cleaning Trend for Pets With Delicate Immune Systems

Pet Age magazine helps connect pet people to the latest industry news, current trends, product information and advice.

In their August 2021 edition, Oxyfresh Cage & Crate Cleaner was featured in their exclusive "Trends & Products" section:

"Oxyfresh’s Cage Cleaner is ideal for cleaning kennels and cages for small animals such as birds, gerbils and mice. Like all products at Oxyfresh, Cage Cleaner is made in the USA. It is cruelty-free, non-toxic, safe, gentle and effective. The cleaner will not disrupt a pet’s immune system."

We love when our products garner attention for creating solutions pet parents are looking for most. With small pets, focusing on the needs of their delicate immune and respiratory systems is of top importance. Our Cage & Crate Cleaner is formulated especially for them, without fragrances, bleach, dyes or harsh chemicals.

And its cleaning power is definitely something to tweet about! It uses non-toxic Oxygene®, our proprietary ingredient that eliminates harmful bacteria and odors on contact. In fact, it’s so safe, with our cage cleaner, you don’t even have to rinse it, saving you precious time. Just spray and wipe away!

See what the buzz is all about:

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