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Modern Cat Magazine Features Oxyfresh Pet Dental Spray

Modern Cat Magazine highlights Oxyfresh as a winning solution to fight pet plaque & tartar.

Help Prevent Cat Periodontal Disease With Oxyfresh Pet Dental Spray

Modern Cat magazine, a must-read for all cat lovers, dishes up a great find in their Spring-Summer 2021 edition to keep your cat’s breath fresh and their teeth free of plaque and tartar: Oxyfresh Pet Dental Spray.

From the magazine:

"Dental Health Helper – Help your cat keep their breath fresh and prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis with the Pet Dental Spray from Oxyfresh! Alcohol and flavour-free, this spray is safe for cats and fights plaque and tartar. (oxyfresh.com)"

Oxyfresh’s easy-to-use Pet Dental Spray is the answer for cats who don’t want to have their teeth brushed. Just spray along the gum line and our unique formula with Oxygene® and zinc will get right to work neutralizing the bacteria that cause cat plaque and bad breath, making it a great defense against gum disease.

Getting a shout-out in the "Healthy Paws" section of Modern Cat magazine is a big honor, as they’re the go-to source for how to take better care of our feline friends. Thank you, Modern Cat!

Check it out:

Premium Pet Dental Spray | Fastest Way to Eliminate Dog & Cat Bad Breath