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Why Alcohol in Mouthwash May Be Even Worse Than We Thought …

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Alcohol in mouthwash: should we just say no?

We all want fresh breath and healthier gums, but turns out, the best mouthwash for the job isn’t that bright-colored bottle with the high alcohol content.

In fact, these mouthwashes could actually be working AGAINST our smiles.

It’s true.

Keep reading to learn why alcohol in mouthwash may be even worse than we thought …

The Link Between Alcohol in Mouthwash & Oral Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, there were more than 50,000 new cases of oral cancer in the United States last year, and men are twice as likely as women to be diagnosed with the disease.

It’s no secret that tobacco and alcohol increase the risk of oral cancer. But what about alcohol in mouthwash? Does that count?

Researchers say yes.

A mouthwash study published in the Australian Dental Journal indicated that using mouthwash with alcohol can increase the risk of developing oral cancer by 4–5 times in people who don’t smoke or drink.

Smokers who use alcohol-based mouthwash were 9 times more likely to develop oral cancer, and drinkers 5 times more likely.

Why? Scientists believe that alcohol allows carcinogens to penetrate the linings of the mouth more easily. Of particular concern is a byproduct of alcohol called acetaldehyde, a known carcinogen that’s deemed highly toxic.

Consider this: many mouthwashes have double the amount of alcohol (26.9%) as wine.And chances are, those who imbibe are not gargling and swishing around wine in their mouths for a full 30 seconds (or longer) like they would their mouthwash. Swishing consistently with alcohol-based mouthwash creates an unwanted opportunity for carcinogens to build up in the mouth.

3 More Reasons to Switch to an Alcohol Free Mouthwash

The potential increased risk for oral cancer is reason enough to switch to an alcohol-free mouthwash. Yet there are even more reasons your smile will thank you when you put down that bottle of boozy mouthwash …

#1. Say Goodbye to Annoying Cotton Mouth

Also known as dry mouth, cotton mouth is exactly what it sounds like – the mouth is so dry you feel like you have a bunch of cotton stuffed in it. Besides being physically uncomfortable and socially embarrassing, cotton mouth can make the breath smell bad. That’s because bad breath molecules multiply quickly in dry environments. Alcohol is a drying agent, which means those alcohol-based mouthwashes dry out our smiles AND give us bad breath post-swish.

Psst … Need additional help with cotton mouth? Check out these 5 simple cotton mouth fixes.

#2. Flash a Whiter, Brighter Smile

All those bright-green and blue mouthwashes you see twinkling underneath the fluorescent lights at the grocery store? There’s nothing natural about them! They’re filled with dyes for no other reason than to attract attention and create brand recognition.

Alcohol is often used in combination with dyes and artificial sweeteners because it’s a carrier agent and helps accentuate the flavor. Yet unsightly teeth stains are a huge reason these products lose their luster in the minds of consumers. Switch to an alcohol- and dye-free mouthwash, and help preserve your bright, beautiful smile.

#3. Avoid the Burn

No pain, no gain?? Psychologically, many consumers associate the sting and burn of alcohol as proof that their mouthwash is working hard to kill the germs. But in the process, they often pay the price with sore, tender gums and mouth pain. Ironically, while alcohol does initially “kill” bacteria, more is produced soon after swishing as alcohol dries out their smiles.

Best Mouthwash … Minus the Alcohol

Oxyfresh didn’t jump on the alcohol-free, dye-free bandwagon … we pioneered it. What started as one little bottle of mouthwash 30 years ago has since grown into a complete line of alcohol-free dental products (including 5 unique mouthwash formulas) that both dental professionals and consumers are crazy about.

Instead of alcohol that can sting, burn, and give you dry mouth (or worse), Oxyfresh products feature Oxygene®, the gentle, safe, 100% non-toxic ingredient that oxidizes the molecules that cause bad breath.

No masking or covering up bad breath with artificial mint flavors or alcohol. Oxygene® neutralizes bad breath molecules completely, giving you all-day fresh breath.

Oxyfresh Mouthwashes Are Always:

· Free of alcohol

· Free of dyes

· Free of artificial mint flavors

You’ll find only the good stuff, like natural essential oils, zinc, aloe and our exclusive ingredient, Oxygene®.

And, a double-blind clinical study revealed that Oxyfresh mouthwash is more effective in fighting gum disease vs. conventional store brands.

Ready to take your smile to the next level? Go to oxystaging.wpengine.com today and find the mouthwash formula that’s just right for your smile.

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