The Importance Of Denture Maintenance

The Importance Of Denture Maintenance

Dentures, just like natural teeth, need proper care and maintenance because they can be the source of bad breath if not kept clean. Those who wear dentures must know the proper way to care for them. It does not take long or require very much effort but it is a habit that needs to be developed just like with regular teeth maintenance like brushing and flossing. Not keeping them properly clean can cause everything from bad breath and all the way up to other nasty oral deseases that nobody looks forward to. Let’s take a look at what can be done to make sure that never happens.

Rinsing With Warm Water

The very main reason why people who wear dentures should take good care of them is because dirty dentures look unpleasant and are very unhygienic. In order to keep them clean, place them in a cup of warm water to soak for a few minutes and then rinse them well. Do this after every meal, but if you find this inconvenient due to your busy lifestyle, you must at least find time to rinse them under warm running water after you eat and get any of the food particles off as much as you can so they don’t hang around and decompose in your mouth throughout the day.

Brushing The Dentures

Even if it is not a natural teeth, you should ALWAYS brush your dentures. Use a denture brush or just a regular toothbrush to remove food particles from between the teeth. If not cleaned, the food that is stuck on the dentures will sit between the dentures and the gums rotting away. This will cause the dentures to start to develop an unpleasant smell and might even start creating all kinds of sores on the gums. Brushing the dentures well, just like real teeth will prevent all kinds of serious issues.

Cleaning The Dentures Every Night

Every night, just before going to sleep, clean the denture using a non-abrasive denture paste or cream and use a brush to apply it. Avoid using abrasive powders or any regular toothpaste because there’s a tendency that the surface of the denture will get scratched and this might make the brushing in the future more difficult. The tiny scratches in the dentures will also be places where food will find places to hide and grow all kinds of nasty things. Make sure to read the instruction for your dentures to make sure to follow them and only use the approved pastes.

Just like with natural teeth, food particles and bacteria trapped on the dentures will cause bad breath. Avoid this by developing a habit of denture maintenance practices mentioned above and a regular visit to your dentist to check up on how everything is going.