Oxyfresh Pet Dental Kit large size with 16oz pet water additive, 4 oz pet toothpaste and 3 silicone finger brushes
Large Pet Dental Kit - only the best for their lil toofers. For pet parents that take this stuff seriously, this top-rated dental kit checks all the boxes
oxyfresh small pet dental kit is perfect for cleaner teeth tartar buildup irritated gums and stinky breath
man smiling with his corgi in front of the oxyfresh pet dental kit which is the best solution, paws down
oxyfresh-pet-dental-kit-directions which say unleash your pet's best smile. Use our finger brushes, brush teeth & massage gums with pet dental gel 2-3x a week. then add pet dental water additive to a water bowl or fountain daily
Pet Dental Kit small size against a white background

Oxyfresh Pet

Premium Pet Dental Kit | Freshens Dog & Cat Bad Breath | Cleans Teeth

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Bundle and save on all the essentials to keep your sidekick's smile in tip-top shape. Our dental care kits for pets feature our top-selling Pet Dental Water Additive alongside the Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste plus easy-to-use finger brushes. Hello fresh breath & clean teeth!



cruelty free scent free flavor free made in the usa
  • EASY TO USE - Simply add to their water bowl to get fresh breath every time they drink. Try it alongside our pet toothpaste to see impressive results, fast. Wondering if this really works? Test the waters out with our Try-Me Size kit (no pun intended).
  • FRESHENS PET BREATH – We're talking about molecular-level breath control here folks. Our proprietary ingredient Oxygene® works on contact to safely eliminate odors caused by bacteria in your pet's mouth. No other water additive or pet toothpaste has it!
  • FIGHTS PLAQUE & TARTAR – We took the same formula that dentists trust for hooomans and made it safe for pets. Our pet dental kit proactively fights plaque and tartar buildup while maintaining healthy gum tissue with no hassle.
  • FLAVOR & SCENT FREE – It doesn't matter how well a product works if your pet won't go near it. Our pet water additive and toothpaste are 100% free of scents & flavors, so even the pickiest pets approve.
  • VET RECOMMENDED – Safe for all the pets in your pack, our non-toxic, USA-made Pet Water Additive & Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste are a favorite of veterinarians and pet parents for over 30 years ... because they WORK.

  • Try Me Size: 3 oz. Pet Dental Water Additive - 1, 1 oz. Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste - 1, Silicone Finger Brushes - 3
  • Best Value Size: 16 oz. Pet Dental Water Additive - 1, 4 oz. Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste - 1, Silicone Finger Brushes - 3