Oxyfresh - 30 Second Hack Destroy Bad Breath

The 30-Second Hack that Destroys Bad Breath

Your tongue is an amazing muscle. It may also be the cause of most of your bad breath. Or rather…the hiding place of that cause. You see – bad breath is usually a result of “volatile sulfur compounds” also abbreviated as VSC’s. These are produced by bacteria in your mouth and most of it lives right on your tongue. The tongue is covered in many tiny fissures (or grooves), along with a texture that easily harbors disease- and odor-causing bacteria.

Studies indicate that 90 percent of all halitosis originates intra-orally (inside the mouth), and as much as 80 percent of that comes from an unclean tongue. Brushing the tongue removes only 45 percent of the bacteria. But using a tongue cleaner can actually remove more than 75 percent of the VSCs responsible for bad breath. Research has demonstrated a strong association between halitosis and periodontal disease due to the damage caused by VSCs. By cleaning away as much bacteria as possible, you can count on longer lasting fresh breath, stronger teeth, and a healthier mouth.

So how do you do it?

Simple! Just scrape your tongue each morning when you wake up. That’s it. Seriously, it’s that easy. You can use a spoon, but it’s not as effective as tongue scrapers which are design to get the job done. (You can pick one up here for only $3.25.)

Before you eat breakfast or drink any water, give your tongue a healthy scraping – rinsing off the scraper with warm water in between scrapings. You’ll notice some white and yellow gunk on your scraper. If you think that’s gross, just imagine all of it hiding in your tongue for weeks on end. That’s why tongue scraping is so vital for fresh breath and a healthy mouth.

Because it’s so effective, we included a tongue scraper in our “Ultimate Fresh Breath Kit.” If you’re looking to kick bad breath to the curb, make sure to pick up this kit and enjoy some fresh breath confidence. At the very least, start scraping today!