Bye-Bye Burn: the Dangers of Alcohol-Based Mouthwash

Bye-Bye Burn: the Dangers of Alcohol-Based Mouthwash

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Most of us have grown up using (at some point) alcohol-based mouthwashes. Yes, they burn, but we’re told it’s good for us, so we hunker down and tell ourselves the pain is a necessary evil.

But what if those alcohol-based mouthwashes aren’t actually helping us? What if they are doing more harm than good?

Turns out … that’s exactly what’s taking place.

Where Does Bad Breath Come From?

Chronic bad breath (the stuff that keeps coming back) is caused by “volatile sulfur compounds,” also known as VSCs. These are gases produced by bacteria in your mouth. The more bacteria, the more gases produced, and the worse your breath.

The problem: a dry mouth makes the situation worse. Bacteria thrive in a dry mouth because they hate oxygen and your saliva is naturally packed with the stuff. So if something dries out your mouth (and reduces bacteria-fighting, oxygen-filled saliva), it’s ultimately going to make your breath worse over time.

That’s exactly what alcohol-based mouthwashes do: dry out your mouth. These neon-colored, burn-tastic mouthwashes can actually turn your mouth into a breeding ground for bacteria (yuck!).

That’s why so many people are finally saying NO to the burn.

The Solution

All is not lost – whatsoever! There are some amazing mouthwashes that don’t use alcohol as an ingredient. We created an entire line of rinses, specifically designed to neutralize those VSCs at their source. Our customers have been raving over them for the past 30 years.

If you’d like to get rid of bad breath without causing long-term damage to your mouth, we suggest trying out our patented, clinically-proven (and safe) Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash – recommended by dentists across the country.

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