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VIBE Vegan Protein Powder | Non-GMO, Gluten Free
VIBE Vegan Protein Powder | Non-GMO, Gluten Free
VIBE Vegan Protein Powder | Non-GMO, Gluten Free

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VIBE Vegan Protein Powder | Non-GMO, Gluten Free

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Shake off all the things you thought you knew about vegan protein powders. VIBE shakes with 20 grams of pea protein, 7 super greens, and a patented probiotic are just as rich and delicious as they are healthy!
Vanilla Vibe is sold out, and Chocolate Vibe will be discontinued April 2024. We encourage you to stock up while supplies last.





Sometimes the economics of business do not match up with our passions. The Life Matters product line was certainly a passion project. We launched in 2010 without even a name so we called the first product, "So Cool It Hurts". Life Shotz followed and then came Vibe, Motion and Mind. We have always been very proud of these formulas.

In the last few years the demand for our products has radically shifted from human to pet care. We did not anticipate this but we made the decision to support it. Nutrition is now just a tiny piece of our business and the economics do not support us continuing to support it.

We are eternally grateful to you, our loyal customers. We know this may be frustrating for you. It is for us as well.

We encourage you to stock up while supplies last. Here are estimated discontinue dates:

VIBE Vanilla shakes: SOLD OUT
VIBE Chocolate shakes: April 2024
VITALITY: June 2024
MIND: October 2024

Thank you for your continued loyalty and friendship.

Richard & Kimmy Brooke, Chief Executive Officer
Tom Lunneborg, Chief Operations Officer
Melissa Gulbranson, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

  • VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER – Whether you want to shake off a few pounds or you’re looking for an easy way to support your muscles post-workout, VIBE has you covered with 20 g. of pea protein and a full amino acid profile.
  • 7 ESSENTIAL GREENS – Each scoop has a full serving of power-packed greens to boost your nutrition and help fight cravings: cabbage, collard greens, cilantro, kale, spinach, watercress & broccoli. (But don’t worry, it tastes amazing!)
  • ON-THE-GO NUTRITION – Say goodbye to sugary pastries and caffeine crashes. VIBE is a quick and healthy whole meal that will keep you full and energized for hours. Just mix with water and shake!
  • SUPPORTS GUT HEALTH – VIBE is pure feel-good nutrition with a patented 1 billion CFU probiotic, clinically proven to have the highest survivability on the market for better digestion and mood support.
  • GREAT SOLO OR IN SMOOTHIES – No chalky texture or bland taste here! VIBE chocolate or vanilla is rich and delicious just mixed with water. Of course, feel free to customize any way you like, with berries, coconut milk, peanut butter, etc.


Tasty whole meal in under 200 calories

VIBE Shakes are perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight, feel great and recover faster after workouts! With a low glycemic index, 7 nutrient-dense greens and a patent probiotic, you’re sure to experience love at first shake.

Got questions?

Product Questions

Nope! VIBE is shelf-stable, so go ahead and stock up!

No blender needed – VIBE tastes great just shaken with ice-cold water. However, if you want a super-smooth consistency or you want to add ingredients like yogurt, berries, nut butters etc, by all means bust out your blender.

If a probiotic can't survive the journey through your gut, your body can't benefit from it. That's why we use a patented probiotic clinically proven to have the best survivability on the market.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 245 reviews
Anita W. (Northampton, MA)
Excellent product!!!

This product is outstanding! I am SO VERRRY SAD they are discontinuing this now that I've found it!! 😭💕💕💕💕

Pam Spears (Sonora, CA)
Perfect breakfast on the go!

I've been using the chocolate Vibe for about 8 years or more. It was the first protein/meal replacement that I actually liked, even after several weeks of using it. I loved the quality, taste, ingredients, that it gave me energy, and that it was so easy to fix, etc, etc. I always keep a canister of it at my work and it's so easy to 'make my breakfast' sitting at my desk, just add water and shake.

Tammy B (Tampa, FL)
Chocolate is my favorite

I tried both the Vibe Chocolate and Vanilla. I thought the chocolate was very good and kept me full. I blended it with ice and water. I split the drink to use as an afternoon and then an evening snack. Really helped my evening sugar cravings! Also, the split calorie content worked well that way with my food diary app. I wasn’t that crazy about the Vanilla flavor. I’ll definitely buy the chocolate again!

Glenda Ross (Johnson City, TN)
Best shake ever!

I started the IF eating and replace my supper with a shake three to four times a week.. I mix one scoop, a cup of fair life chocolate milk, seven ice cubes and a teaspoon of peppermint extract... Yummy...

Valerie (Avon Lake, OH)
Love it!

I look forward to my Vibe shake everyday!

Rebecca Guyer (Peru, IN)
Love this product!

Love the complete nutrition all in one product- how I fuel my body to start the day! And have received great customer service from this company.

Juliet Milam (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)
We love it!

We love our vanilla vibe! All 3 of my children drink it as well on school mornings.

MJ Carrier (Bristol, TN)
Tasty if you like birthday cake

I ordered vanilla because chocolate has been out of stock for some time. Vanilla tastes so much like birthday cake! It's not a bad taste, just not my preference.

Melissa Dahl (San Diego, CA)
Feel-good shake!

I've been drinking this shake for about two weeks now and I have more energy and I feel good!

Kathy Henry (Oklahoma City, OK)
Helps with feeling full

I have used it a week..I was amazed at how it satisfied and I felt full for 5 hours with no shaky feeling. I'm one who needs 3 meals a day or I tend to experience low blood sugar symptoms. The taste is great and it left me satisfied. It was truly like I had eaten a full meal. My goal is to cut the craving for sugar. The protein in it helps that and keeps me full. A few pounds off would be nice too I'm glad I found this product on the internet!


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