Nutrition Line Is Discontinued

Our superhero nutrition line – featuring Vitality, VIBE, MIND & MOTION – has hung up its cape for good. We’ve appreciated your loyalty to these phenomenal products.


Why?!!!? Just Why?!?

We get it; it’s a big deal when your favorite products go away, and we’re sad too. Our nutrition line was a passion project from the very beginning, and what a ride it's been! We’ve loved being there to support your health and wellness goals and share in your success stories. THANK YOU. (And ... we hope this is not goodbye!)

While we’d love to blame this discontinuation on a dastardly villain (mwahaha) who stole our secret formulas, the truth is the economics of our business simply don’t support it anymore. The demand for our products has radically shifted to pet care in recent years, so we’re following the lead of the wagging tails.

The Pets Are Taking Over! You Coming Along for the Ride?

If you have a four-legged bestie, don’t try to resist the puppy-dog eyes (or stone-cold cat stares). See for yourself why pets and their people are WILD about our premium pet care line!

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