Meet Krazy Kuma: the Husky

Meet Krazy Kuma: the Husky

At Oxyfresh, we love pets – and we love hearing their stories. Montse and Nathan have recently become pet parents of a new husky pup. We’ll be following in their journey as Montse keeps us updated on all the adventures, joys, and struggles of raising a pup. So without further ado, meet Kuma…

I think we can all safely say that having a puppy isn’t exactly the easiest. They are cute, cuddly, and little monsters all at the same time. Our little monster’s name is Kuma. She’s a pure bread husky that loves biting, barking when she doesn’t like something, and being the most adorable puppy on the planet.

The latest accomplishment has been teaching her how to roll over. In two days we were able to teach her how to sit, shake, and lay down, but it took two weeks of sneaking treats and being stubborn to learn how to rollover.

We use the clicker training method to teach her all of these things and did exactly what we did with the other tricks: show her how a couple times, and let her do it. The trouble is that dogs don’t like to be in a submissive position. We rolled her over a couple times and gave her a treat saying “rollover.” When we asked her to do it, she barked at us constantly.

We knew that she knew exactly what to do, but she refused to roll over because we had yet to establish the dominance to her that she recognized. This lead to how she trained us.

When we as humans see something cute, we usually run towards it with a high pitch voice wanting to baby them. Kuma didn’t respect us (mostly me being the higher pitched one in our relationship) because we treated her exactly like this. I changed my tone to be much more deep at the cost of my self respect to my husband.

Luckily, this caused Kuma to finally roll over by my command! It’s still to be said who Kuma will take to more, me or my husband. I think it’s safe to say that this made one point to my side.

– M