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Fluffy, Cuddly Cats with Bad Breath, Here's How to Fix That

Fluffy, Cuddly Cats with Bad Breath, Here's How to Fix That Reading Fluffy, Cuddly Cats with Bad Breath, Here's How to Fix That 3 minutes Next Pick the Right Cat Toothpaste

Cats are great pets. They are fluffy, cuddly and cute, but cats with bad breath? They may still be fluffy and cute, but maybe NOT so cuddly. We care deeply about our pets, which is why when this kind of problem arises, we look for surefire ways to fight it.

When we hear about bad breath, we often think it is because of poor oral hygiene. While it is true, some cases are more serious than others. Sometimes feline bad breath is caused by an abscessed tooth, gum disease, gingivitis (inflammation of gums), periodontal disease, kidney ailment, feline stomatitis or mouth tumors. What most people do not realize is that cats with bad breath can actually mean some of those cats have an underlying serious medical condition. It is something that should not be neglected.

If you are an owner of cats with bad breath, the first thing that you can do is enforce proper dental hygiene. Brush your cats teeth frequently. Use a toothbrush designed specifically to effectively clean cat’s teeth. Choose cat toothpaste that can work well with your pets. There are different kinds of dental paste that you can choose from. There are even cleaners in gel or spray form. You need not to worry about the cat not spitting the paste since most cat toothpaste is digestible. Also choose flavored toothpaste your feline friends would like. There are tuna, salmon, and even peanut butterflavors. Do not even think of using toothpaste made for humans. This fluoride-laden dental cleaner is proven to be hazardous to your cats health.

A number of mouthwash, chew toys, and dental treats are also available in the market nowadays for those fluffy and cute cats with bad breath. Manufacturers of these products say that these dental aids help in eliminating bad breath and reducing plaque and tartar build-up. But before buying anything, it would still be best to consult a veterinarian on which products would be suitable for your pets.

Find time to visit the pet clinic and have your cats checked. Since bad breath may turn out to be just a symptom of serious illnesses, it would be wise to know about the condition as early as possible. Seek for medical attention and treatments promptly before it is too late. With all these solutions available today, there is no reason to be an owner of cats with bad breath.