Easiest Way To Clean A Guinea Pig Cage

Easiest Way To Clean A Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea pigs are tiny in size, but they can be mighty with messes – and odors! Many first-time guinea pig parents are surprised at the sheer volume of poop and urine these little critters can produce in a single day. The odors can get pretty bad, pretty fast – especially the “number ones.” But don’t worry – when you know the easiest way of cleaning out guinea pig cages – and stick to a routine – you can keep your guinea pig happy and healthy … and your home odor-free!

How Often Do You Clean a Guinea Pig Cage?

Guinea pigs love having a clean living environment. And while they may know lots of tricks like coming when called, turning in circles, and looking adorable, they don’t know how to clean out their cages. That’s where YOU come in.

Every day, you should spot clean and remove any poop and wet, soiled bedding. To clean poop out of guinea pig cage, you can use rubber gloves and your hand, a plastic spoon and cup, food or litter scooper (um, not used for food, of course), or a little dustbin and brush. You’ll also want to wipe down the corners of the cage and your guinea pig’s favorite hangout spots. That’s the daily stuff. As for a deep-cleaning of the guinea pig cage, that should be done at least once a week, as a general rule.

Deep Cleaning Guinea Pig Cage

One of the best parts of doing a deep cleaning of the cage is seeing how happy and excited it makes your guinea pig afterward. Plus, doing a deep cleaning helps keep guinea pigs free of health problems. And with your home free of odors, it’s a win-win-win!

Note: while we love to teach young kids to be responsible for their pets, a cleaning should really be supervised or performed by adults to ensure it’s done properly.

Importance of Finding a Safe Guinea Pig Cage Cleaner

Guinea pigs have more sensitive respiratory and immune systems than us humans do. Harsh cleaning products that have ammonia, bleach and fragrances (which can contain hundreds of chemicals) aren’t good for us to breathe in – and they’re definitely not good for our guinea pigs.

Cage cleaning products with strong chemicals require thorough rinsing (aka an extra cleaning step) and proper dilution. A lot of work and a lot of worries!

(You’ll also want to be mindful of not using toxic spray air fresheners in the room where you keep the guinea pig cage.)

What about DIY recipes for cleaning out guinea pig cages? Hmm. Do any of us actually LIKE dealing with the mess of baking soda and vinegar concoctions … not to mention the nasty smell of the vinegar? (A guinea pig’s sense of smell is 25 times greater than ours – they don’t like the smell of vinegar either!) Again, you’re left with a lot of cleanup and the need to rinse the cage after cleaning.

The Easiest (And Safest) Way to Clean a Guinea Pig Cage

The go-to guinea pig cage cleaner spray that’s safe AND convenient is Oxyfresh Crate & Cage Cleaner. Rather than smearing pesky messes all around, it cleans guinea pig grime away like magic. No scrubbing needed. And – because it has no bleach, harsh chemicals, dyes or fragrances, you don’t have to rinse it off … just spray and wipe away! That’s it! It’s so safe, it can even be used to clean toys and bowls.

See how EASY Oxyfresh makes cleaning out the guinea pig cage.

What’s our secret to stopping even the toughest odors like guinea pig urine? Oxygene®. This is our exclusive, non-toxic ingredient that neutralizes odors and harmful bacteria on contact. No coverups with harsh chemicals and perfumes. Oxyfresh Crate & Cage Cleaner is tasteless, scent-free, cruelty-free and 100% non-toxic so you can feel good about doing the best for your guinea pig every time you clean their cage.

The Bottom Line: If you want to say goodbye to the hassles of scrubbing, rinsing and worries about harsh cleaning products, go with the safe, simple and trusted choice: Oxyfresh Crate & Cage Cleaner. It’s the EASY way to get your guinea pig’s cage spotless and odor-free.