Oxyfresh - 8 Genius Ways To Remove Stinky Dog Odors

8 Genius Ways to Remove Stinky Dog Odors

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Can people tell you’re a dog owner the minute they walk into your home? (No, not because of the wiggle-butts and barking … because of that stinky dog smell!)

What’s scary about smelly dog odors is that we as the homeowners don’t always know how bad the problem really is. We become a bit immune to the odors because we’re around them all the time. (So if we CAN smell how bad it is, we know it’s serious!)

Don’t worry though – we’ve got you covered with these 8 genius ways to remove stinky dog odors. In no time at all, you can breathe easy and always be ready for guests.

8 Easy Tips to Get Rid of “Stinky Dog” Smell in Your Home

1. Stop the Procrastination Game

I’ll get the corners next time. We’re all guilty of playing the vacuum-procrastination game. Rather than fussing with attachments or moving furniture out of the way, we just do the “main areas” and vow to do a better job in the future. This is not helping us win the battle against pet odors. Pet hair is stinky, and it LOVES to hide out in corners, especially near where the pet sleeps. Do a thorough vacuuming to get rid of dog odors, including corners, couch cushions and drapes.

2. Wash That Stinky Dog Bed

If prizes were awarded for “stinkiest dog item in the house,” the clear winner would be that dirty dog bed! Dog beds harbor hair, dander, dirt, saliva, outside muck and other stuff we’d rather not think about. Look at the label on your dog’s bed … you likely just need to throw the outside cover in the wash to get it all fresh and clean.

How often should you wash your dog’s bedding? Once a week is ideal to keep bad pet odors at bay.

PRO TIP: Did you know that allergies can make a dog’s skin smell? Use a detergent that’s free of dyes when you wash their things to prevent irritation.

3. Don’t Be a Speedy Sweeper

Sweeping is a not-so-fun household chore that we all try to race through as quickly as possible. But being a speedy sweeper can work against us in the fight against dog odors. Because hair and pet dander particles are so light, they can easily get scattered into the air with vigorous sweeping, along with toting around the dustpan to different areas without emptying it out.

How to Make a Clean Sweep:

  • Start with a clean broom. If it just needs the dust cleaned off, take it outside and give it a good whack against a tree. If your broom is particularly nasty, soak it in a bucket of warm soapy water for 30 minutes. Then rinse with cold water and place it bristle-side up in the tub or shower until it’s dry.
  • Sweep gently.
  • Start from the perimeter and work your way to the center of the room.
  • Empty the dustpan frequently.
  • Place a paper towel on top of the debris that you empty into the trash to keep it from billowing into the air.

4. Change Your Home’s Air Filter

We get it … life gets busy, and sometimes changing out the air filter is the last thing on your mind! Remembering to do this important task (just set a reminder on your calendar) will make a big difference in ridding your home of dog odors. How often should you change your air filter? Here are some average guidelines:

  • Homes without pets: change every 90 days
  • Homes with 1 dog or cat: change every 60 days
  • Homes with more than one pet: change every 30 days

5. Wash the Dog Collar

It’s easy to be diligent about washing our pets, but we often forget about those stinky collars! (Consider it the equivalent to humans wearing the same pair of socks each day for weeks on end!) Collars have to be cleaned because they soak up stinky skin oils and attract dirt and other grime.

The same gentle dog shampoo you use to wash your dog can also be used to wash the collar. Simply squirt a teaspoon of dog shampoo into a bowl and then fill it up with hot water. Soak the collar for 20 minutes. Be sure to rub it together to remove stuck-on dirt. Then rinse the collar under cold water and hang it up to dry. Voilá! No more stinky dog collar.

6. Add Green to Your Scene

Nature’s got your back when it comes to removing smelly dog odors from the house. Many plants are superb at detoxifying and purifying the air, plus they just add a nice touch to any room. Important: you’ll want to purchase pet-friendly plants in case you have a mischievous little explorer on your hands that likes to chew. Check out these low maintenance, pet-friendly detoxifying plants.

7. Bust Out the Baking Soda

Good old-fashioned baking soda is a great, non-toxic way to deodorize carpets and furniture. Important: Make sure you use a fresh box and not the one that’s been hiding out in the nether reaches of your fridge for the past two years – it will have lost its effectiveness.

  • Sprinkle baking soda liberally on all the surfaces you want to deodorize
  • Spread it around with a cleaning brush to work it in
  • Let the baking soda sit overnight
  • Vacuum it all up (yes, even the corners!)

8. Do Your Dog’s Dishes

We can all agree: old food smells gross … especially when it’s mixed with dog slobber and crusted around the food bowl. This can quickly spread odors through the kitchen and beyond. To stop the spread of odors (and more importantly, bacteria), aim to wash your dog’s food bowl with hot, soapy water after every meal (or at least give it a good rinse.) Water bowls should be washed a couple times a week.

P.S. Don’t forget to wipe down the wall and baseboards in the vicinity where your pet eats. This can be a big odor-inducing area in the home!

Oxyfresh - 8 Genius Ways To Remove Stinky Dog Odors In Your Home Pet Deodorizer

WARNING: Are You Compromising Your Home’s Air Quality?

Did you know that the air quality inside the average home is 10 times more polluted than the outside air? Scary but true fact! That’s why it’s important to look before you leap when buying an air freshener or pet deodorizer. Many commercial air fresheners/deodorizers play a major role in home air pollution.

Why are air fresheners dangerous? Because of how toxic their fragrances are. Those “enticing” smells are nothing more than chemical concoctions featuring ingredients like formaldehyde, phthalates and synthetic musks. Of course, you won’t see these chemicals listed on the label because “fragrances” are protected under trade secret law. To learn more, check out “Everything You Need to Know About Pet Deodorizers.”

Fortunately, there’s a safe, vet-recommended, 100% non-toxic doggy deodorizer that’s safe for EVERYONE in your pack … tail or no tail.

Introducing Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer …

This innovate doggy deodorizer has changed the pet-odor game. Rather than masking odors through harsh fragrances, Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer completely neutralizes odorous molecules at the source through the gentle process of oxidation. No harsh chemicals. No fragrances. No byproducts.

  • Eliminates Odors Every Time – Give us 60 seconds to unleash some serious freshness as our proprietary Oxygene® formula completely neutralizes bad dog odors.
  • Solves the Toughest Odors – Eliminates urine, skunk, litter box, cage and kennel odors on a molecular level, leaving everything smelling fresh and clean.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic – We use only the best non-toxic ingredients that are safe for the entire family – can even be sprayed directly on pets to eliminate odors.

This is the QUICK AND EASY way to get rid of dog odors wherever they’re a problem … without harsh chemicals and fragrances.

Get your paws on Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer today!

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