7 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

7 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

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Finding a holiday gift for pet lovers isn’t always a walk in the park.

Well, not to worry!

We’ve taken the hustle out of this holiday task and did the legwork for you. Check out these 6 fun and unique holiday gift ideas that are sure to be perfect for all the pet lovers on your list!

For the Cat Person Who Loves to Cook …

“I Licked the Spoon” Spoon Rest

“I licked the spoon … and I liked it.” If your friend’s cat walks around like he owns the place, it’s because he does! No place is off limits for this cat, including the kitchen counter. Celebrate his “cat-titude” with this cute kitchen spoon rest. Throw in some cat dishtowels and a bundle of cat treats and turn it into an awesome – and inexpensive – themed gift.

Get It Here

For the Art Lover …

Art Drawn from Words

Look closely! In the image above, the boxer dog portrait is completely drawn out of the word “boxer.” But we’re not ones to play breed favorites! You can choose from over 110 dog breed portraits by artist Stephen Kline, all drawn from words. (Rabbits, pigs, horses, cats and many other animals are available too!) This unique artwork is definitely a statement piece for the home and sure to amaze guests when they “take a closer look.”

Visit drawDOGs.com

For the Pet Lover Who Savors Wine Time …

Dog- or Cat-Themed Wine Glass

Got a friend who loves pets AND wine? The glass will always be half full with these whimsical wine glasses. Pair with your friend’s favorite bottle of wine, and voila! You’ve given the perfect holiday gift.

Dogs Rule. Get the Dog Glass.
Cats Rule. Get the Cat Glass.

For Your Single Friend …

Pebble Art

No generic, find-at-any-old-store wall art here. Your friend (or you!) will love this unique pebble artwork that celebrates the special relationship between cat and owner. Pebbles and driftwood are from the shores of Lake Huron, Canada, and a variety of pebble depictions are available, including ones with multiple cats or multiple family members.

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For the Snuggler …

Personalized Dog Blanket

Dogs love to cuddle. The problem is, they’re always stealing their owners’ blankets. Problem solved with this super cozy, handmade dog paw blanket. Choose your color, choose your size, and customize with the name of the dog.

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For the Entertainer …

“Shake” Book

This is the coffee table book that pet lovers can’t stop talking about: “Shake” by Carli Davidson. As the title suggests, this unique book features pictures of 61 dogs in the most candid of moments: mid-shake. Jowls flopping, crazy eyes, hair gone wild … we dare you not to laugh out loud! Also available in puppy and cat editions.

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Happy shopping and happy holidays from your pet pals at Oxyfresh!