4 Helpful Tips for Pet Weight Loss

4 Helpful Tips for Pet Weight Loss

According to several veterinary surveys, over half of the dogs and cats in America are overweight. That’s almost 80 million pets at risk for diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, many forms of cancer, as well as kidney and heart disease. Yikes! Here are a handful of ways to help your pet get back to their ideal weight.

1. Count Their Calories

At the end of the day, weight gain and loss come down to thermodynamics: if you consume more energy than you are actually using, then your body will store it as excess “energy.” If you consume less energy than you are using, your body will pull from “stored resources.” The same is true for our amazing pets. Consider looking at the amount of food your pet is consuming, and reduce it by 15-20%, maybe filling their bowl a little less. If they are overweight, you can be fairly certain they are already eating too much.

2. Minimize Processed “Human Foods”

Truth be told – there are a lot of modern foods that did not exist 100 years ago, and not all of them are good for our health. Processed foods can also cause harm to your beloved pets, potentially damaging their organs and disrupting their naturally occurring hormones. When feeding “human” food to pets, it’s best to ask, “Did this exist a century ago?” If so, it’s likely to be much healthier than the chemically-laden food cooked up in a lab.

3. Get Them Moving

Movement and exercise of any kind is a great way to reset your pet’s hormones and burn excess energy. Playing fetch, going for a run, and playing with other animals are all great ways for your pet to enjoy the amazing benefits of exercise. Plus, you might just get in a nice workout in the process. #twobirdsonestone

4. Speak Kindly to Them

We all do better when we feel encouraged – and this goes double for our pets. They love your attention and positive energy, so always be intentional to shower them in love and praises. When pets feel loved and attended to, they are often more likely to obey. You’ll want this cooperation on the journey toward greater health!

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