10 Things Your Dog Dreams About At Night

10 Things Your Dog Dreams About At Night

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Have you ever watched your dog sleeping and wondered whether or not your pet is dreaming?

Scientists at the University of British Columbia monitored dogs’ brain activity to determine whether or not they dream. The consensus is they do!

Since canines sleep between 12-14 hours a day, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a plausible list of what they’re dreaming about during those hours.

1. What your dog likes to watch on TV

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are able to depict the images on TV and computer screens.

However, according to a recent National Geographic article, a dog’s personality will determine how it reacts to what’s on TV.

Perhaps your pup is dreaming about the sophisticated purebreds on a televised dog show or the undomesticated animals from a nature documentary.

2. Squeaky toys

Have you ever wondered why your dog is obsessed with his squeaky toy?

The explanation is not as cute as you may think. Most researchers agree that a dog’s obsession with squeaky objects comes as a result of its killing instinct.

While we can only speculate, we like to imagine that our snoring pups are dreaming about their favorite pastime.

3. What your dog likes to play with

Dogs love to destroy their toys. Whether they’re deflating their favorite ball, pulling the stuffing from out of their favorite stuffed animal, or chewing their owner’s shoes to shreds, a dog enjoys having its way with material objects.

Do you catch your puppy grinding its teeth during sleep? Your dog is probably dreaming about that new tennis ball or chew toy you brought home!

4. Bones

Dogs love using their mouths, and bones give them a perfect excuse to chew endlessly. It’s an instinct, and it delivers a satisfaction for the doggy unlike anything else.

This habit is highly satisfying and is probably one of the most common doggy dreams.

5. Being pet

Dogs are social animals. They enjoy showing and receiving love from other animals and their owners.

A recent article “Shut up and pet me!” stated that in concurrent and single-alternative choice procedures, domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) prefer petting to vocal praise.

If your dog is having a pleasant dream about you, let’s hope he’s dreaming about being pet!

6. Who they love

Most dog owners don’t need scientific proof that their dogs love them. There are countless stories about dogs coming to their owners’ rescue or showing signs of grief and mourning during periods of loss.

However, if you are still skeptical, there are many studies that provide scientific evidence that dogs experience love.

7. Where they went

Ever wonder if your dog is dreaming of running through his favorite park?

The possibility is very likely, but such a memory is triggered in a strange way.

Dogs use scent recognition to remember people, places and events.

In a post on Cesar’s Way, Josh Weiss-Roessler writes that dogs don’t remember specific events, but they do remember things through association.

8. What tricks they know

You’ve spent months teaching your dog a new trick and given him hundreds of treats to reinforce the behavior. What are the chances your dog is dreaming about this?

Scientists know that repetitive obedience training helps a dog to form a neurological connection.

Whether or not that connection establishes itself in your dog’s dreams is up for question.

9. When they will be walked

It is not uncommon for a dog to move its legs during sleep. Does this mean your dog is dreaming of running?

According to a recent Harvard study, when an animal is moving rapidly during REM sleep, this is a sign they are acting out a dream.

10. What your dog likes to eat

While scientists are able to establish that dogs dream, they can only loosely speculate about what they might be dreaming about.

Nevertheless, if we had to place a bet on a common dream subject, food would be it.

Whether it is their ability to inhale an entire bag of treats or the fact that they will follow us around the kitchen for hours for a meager scrap, if there is one thing our dogs are lacking, it isn’t a good appetite.

Dogs enjoy well-balanced meals, lots of water and yummy snacks. When purchasing food for your pet, health should be your number one priority.