1-Step Solution for Clean Cat Teeth: No Brushing Required

1-Step Solution for Clean Cat Teeth: No Brushing Required

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The thought of cat teeth cleaning can inspire fear in even the bravest of pet owners.

Well, hang on to those toothbrushes, because there’s a brilliant and totally simple 1-step solution that gives you the same benefits of brushing without all the hassle (or hissing).

Before the big reveal, take a quick second to learn WHY clean cat teeth are so important to the health and happiness of your precious pet.

3 Reasons to Clean Your Cat’s Teeth

#1. Freshen Your Cat’s Breath

You don’t have to be a cat whisperer to hear what your cat’s breath is trying to tell you. A light fishy scent is normal. ANYTHING stronger than that is not and should be taken seriously, as cat bad breath is often a sign of a bigger problem, including gingivitis. (Read more about cat halitosis and the causes of it.)

#2. Fight Plaque Buildup

Ask who its biggest enemy is, and your cat may point its paw at the dog next door. The vet, however, will tell you something different: PLAQUE.

Plaque is the root of an unhealthy mouth. If you don’t remove plaque from your cat’s teeth, it can eventually lead to full-on periodontal disease, a painful dental condition that can cause an array of health problems and even take years off your cat’s life.

Periodontal disease occurs in 4 stages, each one more serious than the last … and it all starts with plaque.

Keep in mind, plaque is unavoidable. The formation of it is a natural process that occurs every time your pet eats. Having a plan to remove plaque is the key to a healthy smile.

Say Cheese Tuna! Toothy Facts About Cats

  • Cats have 30 adult teeth (regular oral care will ensure they keep all 30 of them!)
  • 70% of cats over the age of 3 have some form of dental disease
  • In its early stages, gum disease is completely reversible
  • Tartar buildup is the most common clinical sign of dental disease
  • According to the AVDC, periodontal disease is the #1 clinical condition affecting adult pets

#3. Avoid the Need for Professional Cat Teeth Cleaning

While every cat is different, you can greatly improve your chances of avoiding professional cleanings if you practice good oral hygiene at home.

Professional cleanings are needed if tartar has formed in your cat’s mouth.

Tartar is simply plaque that has hardened, and it’s impossible to remove at home. It’s easy to spot if you know what to look for. Unlike plaque, which is gummy and clear, tartar is usually yellowish or brown in color.

A professional cleaning will usually involve an x-ray, anesthesia, scaling and polishing. (Are the dollar signs ticking by in your head?)

Did you know? Plaque, which is loaded with bacteria, can begin to harden into tartar on your cat’s teeth within 3–5 days. That’s why it’s a necessity to have a daily plan for removing it.

Introducing the 1-Step Solution for Clean Cat Teeth … No Brushing Required

For nearly 30 years, Oxyfresh has been offering the safest, most effective pet dental care products … and now, we’re offering the EASIEST solution too!

Introducing Oxyfresh Pet Dental Spray. This non-toxic dental spray is paws-down the quickest, most convenient way to give your cat the DAILY dental care it needs. Just spray on the gum line and you’re done!

  • Instant fresh breath
  • Reduces plaque buildup
  • Promotes healthier teeth & gums
  • Tasteless & odorless … pets love it
  • So easy … just spray on the gum line

Our Secret to Clean Cat Teeth: Oxygene®

Some pet owners swear it’s magic, but it’s really just great science. Oxygene® is our unique and exclusive ingredient that neutralizes bad pet breath and bacteria at a molecular level. Through the safe, gentle process of oxidation, Oxygene® turns stinky sulfur compounds into sulfite ions (odor free).

Combined with zinc, which is proven safe and effective in oral care products, Oxyfresh Pet Dental Spray delivers a quick, on-the-go solution to fight plaque and bad breath each day. Perfect for cats AND dogs!

Just as important is what’s NOT in our formula:

  • No alcohol
  • No flavor additives
  • No mint or clove oils
  • No green tea extracts
  • No harsh ANYTHING

See why thousands of dog and cat owners trust Oxyfresh with their pets’ oral healthcare needs. Try the 1-step solution for clean cat teeth today.