Oxyfresh VIBE vegan protein powder is made from peas

Yes Peas! 5 Worth-It Reasons to Try Pea Plant Protein Shakes

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Shake off everything you thought you knew about pea plant protein shakes and get the real deal on just how incredible they are! VIBE plant powered protein shakes with peas are a game-changer for anyone who wants to lose weight, get in shape, or simply feel their best each day. So shake up the status quo and discover 5 reasons VIBE will have you saying, “Yes peas!”

1. Hello Pea Protein, Goodbye Gas

Let’s get real: it can be hard to get too excited about weight loss if you have bad gas and bloating all the time! Pea protein is the cream of the crop when it comes to hypoallergenic protein sources. There’s no whey, egg or casein, protein sources in shakes that are notorious for producing gas.

2. Pea Plant Protein Is Tasty … Yes, Really!

In the past, pea protein got a bad rap for being a bit less palatable. Not anymore! VIBE pea protein shakes in Chocolate or Vanilla are creamy, delicious and taste fantastic mixed with just cold water. Of course, feel free to shake it up any way you like by adding coconut milk, berries, seeds, etc. Want some inspiration? Check out these VIBE recipe favorites!

3. Kick Cravings to the Curb

Ghrelin is known as the “hunger hormone” and can lead to overeating, cravings and stubborn fat storage. Peas to the rescue! They naturally lower ghrelin levels, keeping you full and satisfied longer. Plus, peas are naturally low in fat and high in fiber.

4. Soy Ya Later!

VIBE protein shakes are free of soy, which is a big deal because 94% of soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified. And if the soy is highly processed, you miss out on all the health benefits. VIBE vegan protein shakes are 100% free of GMOs so you can feel good knowing you’re fueling your body with just the good stuff.

5. Complete Amino Acid Profile

One of the myths around plant powered protein shakes is that they don’t have a complete amino acid profile. Pea plant protein actually does! It has all 9 amino acids to boost performance, improve mood and help your muscles rebuild after workouts. Oxyfresh benefits of pea plant and vegan based protein powder

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