Oxyfresh - Love your self and your body

Love Yourself and Your Body

Health is not always our first priority when it comes to our daily tasks. There are responsibilities, loved ones, activities and all kinds of things that come at you at the speed of life. Exercising and a healthy diet is not always at the top of our list. Let's take a look at that and see how your health can finally become a priority so your life can be filled with health and happiness. Oxyfresh - Healthy body Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and you know what that means!? Overpriced greeting cards and heart shaped chocolate boxes! Yahoo! It can seem like a holiday that was created by retailers and greeting card printers. As I've grown up, I've seen past the retail noise and focused on making sure my family and friends knew I cared about them. Valentines Day is a good reminder for us to connect with others but what about ourselves? Outside of New Year resolutions, we can blow through an entire year without focusing on ourselves. We are programmed to think about others before we think about ourselves. This is healthy, but it can lead to neglect of our top resource, our mind and body. So, this Valentine's Day, we are giving you permission to focus on you! Oxyfresh - Exercise love your body If we take care of our body, it will take care of us. It all starts with nutrition. When we fuel our body with the right foods and supplements we become unstoppable. We wake up before our alarm, brain fog free and ready to have an extraordinary day full of energy. Make a goal of eating breakfast every morning. If you don't have time, use a meal replacement shake so you don't skip! A shake balanced with carbs, fats and proteins will keep your energy level high. VIBE is a perfection solution made purely from vegetables and with 20g of protein per serving. At lunch time, take your vitamins! I recommend Vitality. It's a formulation designed to fill in the nutrient gaps most North American diets miss. After dinner and before bed, protect your joints with Motion. It's patented collagen extract will keep your joints happy and healthy. Oxyfresh - Drink water - love your body Drinking 64 oz or more of water per day will keep your body hydrated and all your systems running at their best. Remember that water is a transport mechanism. If we are properly hydrated our body is able to deliver nutrients and remove waste products much better. This leads to you feeling great! Last, but not least, stay active. Your body was built to move. Schedule your active time so you don't miss it. Remember that this is "you" time and it's vital to your health and happiness. Make sure your loved ones know you care, and don't forget about you!