Lia Dittonn Sets New World Record for Solo Rowing (and Drank Vibe Shakes on Her Journey)

Lia Ditton Sets New World Record for Solo Rowing … (And Drank VIBE Vegan Protein Shakes on Her Journ

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On September 12, 2020, Lia Ditton set the Guinness World Record as the fastest woman to row solo from the west coast of the U.S. to Hawaii. She spent 86 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes and 54 seconds out at sea, her only company the yellowfin tuna faithfully shadowing the path of her rowboat. For 8–11 hours a day, she rowed a seemingly endless and often brutal expanse of ocean. She capsized twice, once in the dead of night and once when a freak wave tossed her clean off the boat. With only mere seconds to spare, she managed to flip her 1,300 lb. rowboat … and if she hadn’t, her story likely would have ended out at sea. Sharks would often circle her little 21-foot rowboat, ravaging an unlucky tuna, painting the ocean red and giving Lia a terrifying front-row seat into one of nature’s vivid performances. Lia battled loneliness, fear and sadness. Along the way, she received news that a fellow woman rower had perished along the exact same route she was taking.

So how did Lia KEEP GOING and row for 86 days straight?

Motivation and mental fortitude were HUGE throughout her journey, as was her WHY for doing it. “I didn’t go out there to row, I went out there to take people on a journey,” shared Lia. As a disciplined blogger, she documented her entire journey, being the “eyes” so that others could see and experience it too. Her vision is also to help young children, especially girls, believe that they can do anything and be anything they choose. As you can imagine, fueling her body to physically be able to accomplish such a task was paramount. “The joke in ocean rowing is it’s really an eating competition, and if you can win the nutrition, then you can stay strong to the end,” shared Lia. In addition to consuming nuts, dried fruits, and dried meats and salmon, Lia drank 3 VIBE vegan protein meal replacement shakes every day on her journey.

Why did Lia choose VIBE Shakes? Because They’re Simply the Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes for Athletes.

Lia had tried many brands of soy free vegan replacement shakes in the past, but one sip of VIBE – recommended to her by a friend – and she was hooked! It was THE ONLY ONE that had ever tasted chocolatey and delicious just mixed with water. “Being able to drink calories is a game-changer because you’re fueling your body as you’re doing the exercise,” shared Lia. In order to row 3,066 nautical miles, maintaining her lean muscle mass with VIBE, which sports 20 grams of non-GMO vegan protein in each serving, was key. Despite rowing for 86 days, and 23 hours straight at the end, Lia only lost 10 pounds on her journey! Named a top vegan meal replacement shake by Vegan Liftz, VIBE is the ideal plant-based vegan meal replacement for all athletes, from the world’s most elite like Lia to all the weekend warriors out there. Why? Because it’s specially formulated with ingredients that matter for going (or rowing) the extra mile:
  • Patented probiotic with 1 billion CFU helps protein absorption. This is critical for muscle recovery in athletes. Additionally, it supports a healthy gut microbiome, which influences everything from our brains to our immune systems to our heart health.
  • Slow-digesting pea protein provides a steady stream of amino acids to improve muscle recovery.
  • Proprietary greens blend boosts nutrition and is jam-packed with antioxidants, providing a host of incredible health benefits.
  • Low glycemic formula will not spike blood sugar and lead to an energy crash. (High-glycemic or high-sugar products will cause a blood sugar spike that the body counters with an insulin release to drop blood sugar levels. This can feel like an energy crash.)
  • Contains ALL essential BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) from vegetable-source protein. (Typically vegetable proteins are incomplete and missing 1–2 essential amino acids. To build muscle, all essential amino acids are needed.)
To learn more about VIBE soy free vegan replacement shakes, visit And to learn more about Lia’s journey and to see what she’s up to next (an even bigger goal in sight!), check out