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How To Improve Memory Focus And Concentration Now: 5 Super-Easy Steps

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Have you ever been accused of having a short attention span? Do you wish you could completely focus on a project without being distracted? If you answered yes, you are like millions who have trouble staying focused. The lack of focus costs us time, money and productivity. Oxyfresh - How to increase memory power

Our World Is Full Of Distractions And Attention Stealing Devices

Think about the number of notifications or pop-up messages that constantly interrupt your day. Your cell phone beeps to let you know a new message is waiting, your laptop has a pop-up notifying you about a new email, your tablet buzzes alerting you about updates, your watch vibrates to remind you to workout, and the interruptions happen all day long. They may seem minor, but they rob you of hours of productivity each day. They also drain your brain's ability to focus. You can get your focus back and we can help. Start by following these 5 super-easy steps. Oxyfresh - How to focus - Infographic

1. Limit notifications

Turn off notifications on devices that are not emergency related. You don't need to know the second Netflix adds a new season of The Walking Dead, nor do you need to be alerted that a new email arrived. Set your schedule on when you will check email, texts and miscellaneous notifications. Don't let your electronic devices sabotage your focus.

2. Get your rest

Our body and mind require sleep. Getting 7-8 hours a night of uninterrupted sleep is critical for our body to recover, generate energy and be ready to start a new day. There isn't a replacement for sleep, no matter how much coffee you drink.

3. Eat Healthy & Hydrate

We must feed our body with premium fuel if we want to perform at our best. Make sure to include fresh whole foods like veggies, fruits, meats and fats. Don't be sabotaged by convenience, if the food is served to you through a window, it's probably not good for you. Choose a healthy meal replacement like VIBE if you are short on time. Drink water throughout your day. Water helps all of your body's systems, including your brain! Oxyfresh - How to concentrate

4. Take Brain Supplements

These supplements are commonly referred to as nootropics. The best ones are formulated with ingredients that your brain needs. Look for ingredients like citicoline, alpha-GPC, bacopa, and aceytl L-carnitine to name a few. These ingredients have been shown to boost focus, improve memory and nourish your brain. Skip out on supplements that have caffeine. MIND is an outstanding nootropic for brain and eye health.

5. Be Active

Exercise has wonderful effects on the brain. It causes our body to release endorphins. These chemicals interact with our brain and reduce pain, trigger positive feelings and improve our mood. It's so much easier to accomplish great things when you are in a good mood! Oxyfresh - Vitamins for memory Brain health supplements are a real thing. You can experience a noticeable improvement in concentrating on studies, improved memory recall and overall alertness. Just avoid brain pills that contain caffeine. Many times there isn't much else in them. Decades ago we didn't need to worry about distraction. Today we must protect ourselves from unnecessary interruptions. As minor as they seem, throughout your day they cost you hours in productivity. To Your Health, Tom Lunneborg